Permission to film and take photographs

Are you planning to film on the TU Darmstadt campus for an editorial contribution? Do you want to take photographs at TU Darmstadt for agencies and print media? Please complete the following online form. We will answer you request quickly.

Please note:

Normal university business and operations at TU Darmstadt must not be interrupted or disturbed by filming or taking photographs. No permission will be granted for filming or taking photographs during lectures, classes or examinations. TU Darmstadt cannot provide any personnel or technical and organisational support.

Please inform us of the dates of the broadcasts by email. We would also be delighted if you can provide us with any links to the article or excerpt as a file so that we can document it.

Requests for permission to film or take photographs will only be granted by TU Darmstadt as long as it is clear that the journalistic content refers to TU Darmstadt.

If the content is clearly of a commercial or business nature (for example, advertisements or PR work) or for film and photographic projects where the university grounds are primarily being used as a backdrop, TU Darmstadt will not be able to grant permission to film or take photographs.

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