Wind Tunnel / August Euler Airfield (W)

More than ten institutes of the TU Darmstadt use the August Euler airfield and the associated wind tunnel in Griesheim as an experimental site for research, training and practical courses.

Buildings / Users / Facilities

Buildings W1|01-W1|05 are used by the Mechanical Engineering Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics
W1|01 Flight technology Labs
Flughafenstraße 19

W1|03 Flight technology workshops
Flughafenstraße 19

W1|04 Flight technology wind tunnel and hall
Flughafenstraße 19

W1|05 Minimaxoffice
Flughafenstraße 19

W1|06 Test hall Hochspannungstrasse (GIL- Halle)
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: High-Voltage Laboratories

W1|07 Office building

W1|08 Hall

W2|01 Tower
August-Euler-Flugplatz 7
August Euler Airfield

W2|02 Hall 1
August-Euler-Flugplatz 19

W2|03 Hall 2
August-Euler-Flugplatz 9
W2|03-W2|05 (August Euler Support Association)

W2|04 Hall 3
August-Euler-Flugplatz 11

W2|05 Douglas DC-8
August Euler Information Centre
August-Euler-Flugplatz 1

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