Online course Computational Methods for Building Physics and Construction Materials


Free participation for Unite! students

The course “Computational Methods for Building Physics and Construction Materials”, offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the TU Darmstadt, is designed to convey various computer-aided calculation methods, solution approaches and possibilities for implementing physical processes in the fields of building physics and materials relevant in the construction industry. The focus is on the microscopic and macroscopic consideration of active processes in porous building material systems, such as concrete, geopolymers, insulation materials. It is aimed primarily at civil engineering students at MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral levels.

Participating students will be introduced to numerical solution strategies for common physical problems in building materials. After this course, participants will be able to use computational methods for their own research.

Students from Unite! partner universities can participate for free in the English-language course, which will be held virtually April 4-8.

More information on topics, enrollment, ECTS and more on the website of the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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