History and Personalities

History and Personalities

Bild: Thomas Ott – © Thomas Ott
Picture: Thomas Ott

Technische Universität Darmstadt is a treasure house of achievement and innovative power – the result of more than 140 years of human ingenuity in all its variety leaving its mark day after day. We tell about technical feats, important inventions, explain how we cooperate with our partners in science and industry and introduce remarkable personalities. Every single story, every individual perspective demonstrates the exceptional diversity we enjoy here at Technische Universität Darmstadt.

“In my opinion, you definitely ought to go to Darmstadt. They have a good polytechnic school there.”


Albert Einstein, 1919



  • Günther Behnisch
  • Jovanka Bontschits
  • Rudolf Goldschmidt
  • Peter A. Grünberg
  • Gehard Herzberg
  • Wolfgang Hilberg
  • Erasmus Kittler
  • Eugen Kogon
  • Karl Plagge
  • Harald Rose
  • Gerhard M. Sessler
  • Paul Wallot



  • Doctor of Engineering – a hallmark is born – 1902
  • Civilian and military aeronautical research – from 1908
  • Civilian and military aeronautical research – from 1908
  • Civilian and military aeronautical research – from 1908
  • New departures and protest
  • From Institution of Higher Education to University

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The TU Darmstadt crest

The official emblem of this university is the stylised head of Athena, antiquity's patron goddess of the Arts and Sciences. A brief history of Athena at the university

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Honorary Senators

The title of Honorary Senator recognises special services for and in support of TU Darmstadt.

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The Erasmus Kittler Medal honours individuals who have rendered outstanding personal services to TU Darmstadt.

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Honorary Doctorates

This rare honour is bestowed upon individuals whose excellent scientific or artistic performance has earned them special merit.

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