The Vice Presidents of Technical University of Darmstadt
Dr Martin Lommel

The Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs is a member of the Executive Board and manages the University Administration in accordance with the Executive Board’s guidelines. He is the Chief Budget Officer and assumes responsibility for the budgetary, personnel and legal affairs of the University as per the Executive Board’s resolutions.

Dr Martin Lommel
Dr Martin Lommel

It is important to me to solve the complex issues concerning the core responsibilities of TU Darmstadt together and in consultation with all members of the University.

In a dynamically changing world, universities need to change also to live up to their responsibility towards shaping transformation and making important contributions that will help society to transform as well. Regarding the responsibilities of my office, I see TU Darmstadt facing various challenges that are closely interwoven. This concerns the total budget of the University, which needs to be optimised based on demand, as well as the University’s energy supply, which needs to be secured in a economically and ecologically sustainable fashion, to allow for building and renovating our infrastructure. In addition, the negotiations on the Hochschulpakt (higher education pact) 2023-2030, the digitisation of additional administrative processes, the widening of the TU Darmstadt brand as an employer as well as thinking, planning and shaping New Work will play a major role. Being successful in the next round of our Excellence Strategy is important both to TU Darmstadt and to me as the Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs.

Every university is more than the sum of its employees and staff. I consider it the central task of a manager and especially of the Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs to support our employees and staff in such a way that they succeed in contributing to the University in the best possible way. I want to do my part to make this happen by encouraging a clear, transparent, though empathic and appreciative communication culture. Keeping the organisation as such and the people behind it in mind is important to me.

Born 1976
2005-2010 Research associate (WiMi) and doctoral studies in inorganic and analytic chemistry, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
2010 Doctorate degree of Dr. phil. nat., Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
2010-2014 Advisor at Teaching and Quality Assurance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
2014-2017 Deputy Head of Teaching and Quality Assurance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
2016-2017 EU coordinator at the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts (HMWK), (fixed-term part-time secondment), Wiesbaden
2017-2020 Head of Teaching and Quality Assurance, Deputy Head of the President’s Office, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
2020-2023 Chancellor of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (Wiesbaden, Rüsselsheim)
2021-2023 Chairperson of the Climate Protection Advisory Council of Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse.
1996 to 2003 University-policy-related and political commitment at grassroots level as the chairperson of the Students' Union Executive Committee (AStA) (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main), as a member of the municipal corporation (Neu-Anspach) etc.
Since 1999 Lay preacher of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN)