The autonomous Technical University of Darmstadt is headed by an executive board. It is comprised of the President, the Vice President, Administration and Financial Affairs, four Vice-Presidents and the Chief Communication Officer. The Executive Board coordinates itself closely with such committees as the University Council, the Senate, the University Assembly and the faculties and members of the university as part of the systematic further development of the university, reporting annually to the Hessian State Parliament. The Executive Board is supported in its work by the Office of the Executive Board.

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Prof. Dr. Tanja Brühl, Präsidentin der Technischen Universität Darmstadt
Picture: Katrin Binner

President Professor Dr Tanja Brühl

is responsible for the university’s strategy and structure, the appointment of new professors, quality management and international relations as well as for representing the university externally vis-à-vis policy-makers, society and other interested parties.

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Porträtbild von Kanzler Dr. Manfred Efinger

Vice President Dr Manfred Efinger

In charge of administration and financial affairs.

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Porträtbild von Vizepräsidentin Professorin Dr. Barbara Albert

Vice President Professor Dr Barbara Albert

In charge of Research and Early Careers.

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Porträtbild von Vizepräsident Professor Dr.-Ing. Herbert De Gersem

Vice President Professor Dr.-Ing. Herbert De Gersem

In charge of Scientific Infrastructure and Digitization.

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Porträtbild von Vizepräsident Professor Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider

Vice President Professor Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider

In charge of Transfer and International Affairs.

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Porträtbild von Vizepräsident Professor Dr. Heribert Warzecha

Vice President Professor Dr Heribert Warzecha

In charge of Academic Affairs and Diversity.

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Portraitfoto von Patrick Honecker
Picture: Axel Schulten

CCO Dr. Patrick Honecker

The Chief Communication Officer is in charge of Strategic Science Communication and Brand Management.

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Basic documents and advisory boards

Laws, principles or guidelines on all topics involving the entire university are listed here. These include both internal and external papers that serve as binding orientation for all university members.

The Executive Board of TU Darmstadt is also supported and advised in strategic topics and developments by its own specially appointed advisory boards. A summary of the current advisory boards and working groups can also be found below.