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Integrated quality management

Picture: Claus Völker – © Claus Völker
Picture: Claus Völker

The integrated quality management of TU Darmstadt is of particular importance due to the autonomy status of the university and since the system accreditation (in March 2017). It supports the development of the university by using the results of quality assurance measures for strategic decisions.


“System accreditation is a great success. It was a logical step for TU Darmstadt as an autonomous university. The result confirms our integrated approach of closely linking research and teaching to quality development. We have been following this path for almost ten years, and it continues to point the way to the future.”


President Hans Jürgen Prömel

© Katrin Binner

The integrated quality management comprises the areas of research, study and teaching, promotion of early career researchers, management and administration and includes departments, central services and central administration. As a system-accredited university, TU Darmstadt assumes even more responsibility for quality development, especially in the areas of study and teaching.

Importance for the strategy of the university

Aims and objectives

Actors and responsibilities

Chronicle of Integrated Quality Management


This is how we do quality management

  • System Accreditation
  • Institutional Evaluation
  • Quality assurance of study programmes
  • Surveys
  • Teaching Day
  • “inQM” Advisory Board and “inQM” Circle