Student Body and University Groups

There are many ways to get involved as a student at the TU Darmstadt! Be it through active participation in the student self-government or as a member of one of the many accredited university groups and societies.

Student Body

As an autonomous university, TU Darmstadt has received a high degree of independence and autonomy. All university students can share in the development of TU Darmstadt by participating in its self-government. The committees and organs of student self-government represent the interests of the students who organise them. This includes student associations, the student parliament and the AStA General Students’ Committee.

The TU-Darmstadt’s Student Parliament (“Studierenden-Parliament” (StuPa)) is the student body’s highest organ on campus and consists of 31 representatives elected at the end of every spring semester. Among other things, it is responsible for electing and recalling members of the Students' Union (Executive Committee) and managing the student body’s budget, and holds monthly meetings during the lecture periods of every semester.

Political university groups compete for the election to the Student Parliament. The following political university groups are active at TU Darmstadt:

Campus Grüne TU Darmstadt
Jusos und Unabhängige
Liberale Hochschulgruppe
Linke Liste – SDS
Die PARTEI Hochschulgruppe
RCDS Darmstadt

The Students' Union (Executive Committee) (“Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss” (AStA)) is effectively the executive branch of the TU’s student self-administration. AStA student advisor are elected by the Student Parliament at the start of every semester. According to § 96 of the “Hessisches Hochschulgesetz,” the tasks of the Students' Union (Executive Committee) are:

  • representing students’ interests,
  • representing students’ interests in matters related to educational policies,
  • representing students’ economic and social interests,
  • maintaining national and international student relations,
  • promoting students’ political education and senses of civil responsibility,
  • supporting students’ cultural and musical interests, and
  • promoting voluntary participation in student sports activities, other than those for which the university is responsible.

The students of each department form the Departmental Students` Representative Committee. Student Representatives (departmental) are their elected representatives, and are officially elected in conjunction with university elections. Departmental Students' Representative Committee (“Fachschaften”) delegate their representatives to the administrative bodies, Departmental Councils, and the Student Representative Conference.

“Fachschaften” at TU Darmstadt

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cognitive Science und Psychologie
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Energy Science and Engineering
History and Social Sciences
Information Systems Technology
Law and Economics
Materials Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Pedagogy (Education Science)
Sports Science
Teaching at Vocational Schools
Teaching at Secondary Schools

The Student Representative Conference (“Fachschaftenkonferenz (FSK)”) consists of all delegates from all of the TU’s Departmental Students` Representative Committee and meets on a roughly monthly basis at one of the Departmental Students` Representative Committee offices to discuss current topics affecting one or more departments and pick up tips from the others present. Its objective is improving communications among the Departmental Students` Representative Committee and exchanging information.

University groups and societies

Build a racing car, act and perform or simply get together to make music – TU Darmstadt has numerous societies and groups catering for a wide range of interests and offering something for everyone. The aim is to think outside the box, try something interesting and get to know lots of new people.

The webpages of the university groups listed here are their sole responsibility. The TU Darmstadt does not adopt the contents of these pages in any way.


AG konaktiva e.V.

Akademische Fliegergruppe Darmstadt

Akamu e.V.

Amnesty International e.V.

AudioMax e.V.


Börsen-Team – Studenten der TU Darmstadt. e.V.


Campus für Christus e.V.

Chaos Darmstadt e.V.

Chor der TU Darmstadt

Computerwerk Darmstadt e.V.


Deutsches Komitee für UNICEF e.V.

Die Nachhelfer e.V.


Effektiver Altruismus Darmstadt

Elektrotechnischer Verein (ETV) an der TU Darmstadt

eSport Verein Darmstadt e.V.

Exchange Network Darmstadt e.V.


Gewerkschaftliche Studierendenbewegung (DGB)

Griechischer Studentenverein


Hochschulgruppe Nachhaltigkeit e.V.


IASTE Darmstadt e.V.

IG Metall Darmstadt

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen, Regionalgruppe Darmstadt


Junge Europäische Förderalisten Hessen

Junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V.


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.

Koreanische Studentengemeinschaft Darmstadt e.V.


Leo Club Ludovicus


Moto Racing Darmstadt e.V.


Orchester der TU Darmstadt


Reiterverein an der TU Darmstadt e.V.


Sailing Team Darmstadt e.V.

Studentischer Filmkreis an der TU Darmstadt e.V.

Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes e.V.

Studierendeninitiative für Kinder Darmstadt e.V.

Studierendenkreis Schwarze Diaspora (SKSD) e.V.


TEDxTUDarmstadt e.V.

Thinc! Darmstadt e.V.

TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V.

TU Darmstadt Space Technology e.V.

TU Darmstadt Schauspielstudio e.V.

Tunesische Akademiker Gesellschaft Hessen e.V. (opens in new tab)


UniFotoClub Darmstadt e.V.


VDI Bezirksverein Frankfurt – Darmstadt e.V.

VWI ESTIEM Hochschulgruppe


WiBiNET – Netzwerk von Studierenden und Alumni Wirtschaftingenieurwesen/Bauingenieurwesen

Information on the accreditation of new university groups (in German).

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