From the idea to your own start-up

You have an idea and are looking for a way to develop a business concept. With our comprehensive range of services and advice on all questions relating to innovations, start-up projects and start-ups, we want to accompany founders to success. HIGHEST, the Innovation and Start-up Center of the TU Darmstadt, is well connected in the market of start-ups and start-ups and actively contributes to shaping this topic. We know the relevant players from business and politics, we provide comprehensive advice from the very first questions about founding a company, and through close cooperation with the individual departments we ensure that important aspects from a scientific point of view are also included in our advice.

  • the development of your business model and corporate concept with the HIBS model, an extension of the Canvas business model
  • preparation and validation of the business case
  • search and selection of funding opportunities, remove comma
  • advice on the appropriate funding program including application
  • search and selection of financing possibilities
  • implementation of workshops and pitch training
  • offer of matching formats in the search for partners
  • use of different labs, e.g. for the creation of prototypes
  • the search for and selection of experts, investors, mentors, from our broad-based start-up support network
  • access to business, politics, etc. via trade fairs and events
  • consulting with regard to patent applications and intellectual property issues

Everything takes place in a protected room and offers you an optimal starting aid when starting your own business.

HIGHEST founder stories

Successful start-ups that emerged from the TU Darmstadt and were advised by HIGHEST along the way.

Support programs

With regard to the financing of start-ups, there are optimal possibilities depending on the requirements.

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  Name Working area(s) Contact
Deniz Bayramoglu M.Sc.
Head of IP- & Innovation-Management
IP- & Innovation-Management
+49 6151 16-57215
S4|25 321
Susanne GürichIntellectual Property (IP) Manager
+49 6151 16-57210
S4|25 321
Ibrahim GencaslanInnovation Manager
+49 6151 16-57219
S4|25 319
Gudrun Lantelme Dipl.-Psych.Start-up coaching
+49 6151 16-57226
S4|25 324
Simone Lühl
Mo - Thurs 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Innovation Manager
+49 6151 16-57058
S4|25 324
Sabine RemmertStart-up coaching
+49 6151 16-57254
S4|25 326
Harald HolzerStart-up coaching
+49 6151 16-57220
S4|25 320