xchange Advisory Board

The xchange Advisory Board advises the Vice President responsible for xchange on developing and implementing strategy, quality assurance and the achievement of objectives.


The xchange Advisory Board is made up of members from the TU Darmstadt as follows:

  • Representatives for the three research fields (based on existing positions)
  • Members appointed by the President

The following academics are appointed as members of the Advisory Board for the period 2023 to 2025:

  • Prof. Carolin Bock (Department of Law and Economics)
  • Prof. Andrea Rapp (Department of History and Social Sciences)
  • Prof. Markus Biesalski (Department of Chemistry)
  • Prof. Hauke Zachert (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Prof. Stephan Rinderknecht (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Typical tasks of the xchange Advisory Board

Advising the Executive Board on:

  • Selection of xchange clusters and their representatives,
  • Support, selection and recruitment of strategic partners from business, civil society, politics and culture.
  • Regular reviews and strategic development of the xchange programme
  • Decision-making on resources and priorities relevant to xchange,
  • Internal and external communication for xchange