Academia, Interrupted

1st Scholars at Risk Speaker Series at TU Darmstadt

2019/12/05 by

Worldwide, researchers and students are facing threats by state and non-state actors because of their academic work, their critical expressions of opinion and/or their membership to a minority group. These threats range from travel restrictions and unfair dismissals to persecution, imprisonment and violence.

To promote academic freedom and the human rights of scientists worldwide. The TU Darmstadt has joined Scholars at Risk (SAR), a network of more than 500 universities, research institutions and science organizations in 41 countries that is committed to the protection of at-risk scientists. In addition, TU Darmstadt is a founding member of the Scholars at Risk – Germany Section.

Through the upcoming speaker series “Academia, Interrupted” campus communities, as well as the interested public, will learn and discuss about threats to academic freedom and attacks towards scholars around the world, while at-risk academics will share their experience with restrictions and limitations of research, publication, teaching and learning.

All four speakers are currently receiving scholarships from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Philipp Schwartz Initiative, through which universities and research institutions in Germany receive the opportunity to host at risk academics for a duration of 24 months. The events therefore also aim to promote exchange between funded researchers, scientific mentors and all those involved in and interested in the program.

On 11.12.2019 Dr. Yudit Namer will start the lecture series with the topic “Competing narratives of academic displacement”, followed by Dr. Liliana Kurz and Dr. Jeff Wilkesman with “Chemistry, Academia & Venezuelan Politics” on 15.01.2020. The series will conclude with Dr. Özge Yaka with “Gender, body and agency in the struggles for environmental justice” on 12.02.2020. All lectures will be held in English and will take place in the premises of the Café 221qm from 19:00 to 21:00 hours.

We wish all guests an exciting and informative lecture series and look forward to promote the topic of “academic freedom” at our university.