Preparatory steps

Before arriving in Darmstadt you will need to tackle some administrative and practical issues. It is important to begin visa applications as early as possible. Appropriate travel health insurance is required for all visa application. The search for suitable accommodation should also be a priority. The housing market in Darmstadt is very competitive.

Visa applications to travel to Germany and begin employment and / or to conduct research at TU Darmstadt need supporting documentation from the university. After you register with us, we will assess your situation and provide any relevant documentation for your visa appointment.

Important: If you are not a European Union national (including Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and have been offered an employment contract with TU Darmstadt then you need a visa to travel to Germany which explicitly permits employment. Without this visa you will not be able to sign your employment contract. We also support visa applications for your family members.

Comprehensive information on the relevant categories of visa as well as the visa application process can be found at Please also check the website of the relevant German mission (Auslandsvertretung) of the country you are normally resident in for any country specifc additional requirements.

Darmstadt is a very popular city to live in and finding suitable accommodation can be challenging. Do begin to look for a suitable apartment early on.

The university Housing Services supports your search for short or long term accommodation and manages the University Guest Houses for international researchers and their families. The Guest Houses offer fully equipped apartments in a good location and are a helpful base for looking for accommodation in Darmstadt.

The Guest Houses are very popular and must be booked well in advance. Information about apartment availability in the guest houses as well as assistance in finding accommodation on the private market can be obtained from the Housing Assistance office.

All visa applications require appropriate travel health insurance. Please purchase this. We will support you in finding appropriate public or private health insurance for the duration of your time at TU Darmstadt.

  • Employees of TU Darmstadt must be able to document relevant previous employments. Please bring all relevant employment contracts or certificates with you. Documentation can be submitted in German or English.
  • Doctoral candidates must document their previous studies. Please bring all certificates and transcripts of records of previous studies (bachelor, diploma, master or similar) with you. Study certificates can be submitted in German, English or French. For other languages, a certified translation and original document must be submitted.
  • Scholarship holders must bring all documentation regarding their award.
  • Family reunion visa applicants require their original wedding certificate with Apostille for registering spouses with the authorities and for the residence permit application.
  • If you have children, please bring the original birth certificates, vaccination certificates and school certificates (if applicable).


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