Planning your next steps

If you are leaving TU Darmstadt, then you will need to tackle some administrative and practical issues before departure. The Welcome Centre is able to support you.

  • If still valid, employees of TU Darmstadt must promptly return their LandesTicket Hessen.
  • Employees of TU Darmstadt should inform their health insurance provider of their change of circumstances.
  • Local contracts for accommodation and services should be cancelled in good time. Do check contracts carefully for periods of notice and any penalties that may occur.
  • It is necessary to register your new accommodation address with the relevant registration office within 14 days of relocation.
  • If you have a residence permit, then any further extension must be applied for at the responsible foreigners office.
  • If you are leaving Germany, it is necessary to deregister at the registration office (Abmeldung).
  • It is important to inform your health insurance provider (Krankenkasse) that you will no longer be resident in Germany and to establish what documentation they will need to confirm this and close your account.
  • If you do not wish to accrue further charges on your bank account, then it is important to arrange to close your account with your bank at a convenient point.
  • All contracts for accommodation and services must be cancelled. It is sometimes possible to shorten services contracts if you can document leaving the country. Please contact your service provider in good time to discuss any options.
  • In certain sets of circumstances, it is possible to apply for the reimbursement of statutory pension contributions. Please contact the German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) for advice.

TU Darmstadt offers a variety of activities for former members. You can find more information here.


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