Gender appropriate language

There is a large variety of options for gender-appropriate wording. Here you will find a compilation of various tips, further links, and aids regarding gender-appropriate use of language.

Picture: Katrin Binner

Recommendations for gender-appropriate wording at TU Darmstadt

In addition to male and female persons, the use of the asterisk* (Student*innen) or underscore/ gender gap (Kolleg_innen) includes other genders and gender identities. When reading aloud through screen reader/braille display, the use of a colon (Professor:innen) causes a short pause and so enables an additional accessibility for those who are blind or are visually impaired. This pause in speaking is also to be observed when using the asterisk or the underscore.

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Recommendations on the gender-sensitive use of language

A gender and diversity-sensitive use of language and images are essential for increasing awareness for diversity and gender diversity. Advocating against gender-related discrimination also includes standing up for the gender visibility in language.

The TU9 gender equality panel of female experts has formulated a TU9 handout with recommendations on the gender-sensitive use of language.

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