The TU Darmstadt gender equality policy is characterized by a strong sense of accountability at the executive board level together with an interlinking of processual decentralized operations. Gender equality is an inherent part of the University’s overall organisational development and it is integrated in the central strategies (including research funding, internationalisation and the promotion of early career researchers) and processes (including professional appointment procedures, quality management, and departmental gender equality concepts). The gender equality strategy is based on legal provisions: implementation of equal opportunity, elimination of existing underrepresentation of women, and the targeted advancement of women.

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Working basis

Information regarding the legal provisions and laws concerning the gender equality strategy at the TU Darmstadt and its position papers

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Respect on Campus

What is understood under “achTUng!“ at the TU Darmstadt? Information regarding anti-discrimination-strategies, internal advisory services, and events within the context of the “achTUung!” campaign

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