Active Recruiting

Active recruiting comprises searching systematically for and personally approaching potential female candidates for potential professorship vacancies in order to increase the percentage of female applicants in the appointment procedures. By means of active recruitment, the best candidates are to be promoted and explicitly appointed for the purpose of increasing the percentage of female professors. Take advantage of the opportunity for a gratis quick check: together with a personal consultant, discuss ways for identifying female candidates.

Funding for the recruitment of female professors

Departments with a strong underrepresentation of women within the professorships can apply for financial support for the recruitment of female professors.

Objectives and Contents

  • Provision of funds by the TU Darmstadt for the identification of potential female candidates worldwide
  • Active recruiting, in particular within the non-academic sector
  • Possible consultation by a recruitment agency
  • Possibility to apply for travel expenses for talent recruiting and for the additional case-based reimbursement of expenses


  • Consultation with the Gender Equality Officer concerning the procedure for active recruitment
  • Requests are to be filed by the Dean’s office of the respective department
  • Application for the recruitment funds at the Gender Equality Office
  • Decision regarding the approval of the funding by the President of TU Darmstadt