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The ultimate guide for prospective and current students at TU Darmstadt

Before you decide what to major in, you probably have several questions that need answering. The internet is often a helpful tool for this, and friends can offer some good tips. But when things get very specific, you need the experts. TU Darmstadt has your back: The Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation team (Zentrale Studienberatung und -orientierung, or ZSB) is ready and willing to help out all prospective students, soon-to-be students, and students already enrolled. You can find out here how the ZSB can support you.

Published: May 2020, last update: 27. Juni 2022

Pedagogy B.A.

When I started my second degree programme at TU Darmstadt, there were a couple of tricky problems and I was afraid that my dream of studying pedagogy wouldn’t come true. At first the hurdles looked insurmountable, but I was able to discuss everything with the amazing ZSB team so that I could start the programme after all. I received practical and uncomplicated help from the Central Student Advisory Service, which meant that I could fulfill my dream of studying at TU Darmstadt.

Portrait Denise
Picture: Britta Hüning

No such thing as a stupid question – the central student advisory service and orientation team is on your side

After graduating from high school, when the pressure of exams wears off, many graduates start asking themselves: Now what? For many graduates, going to a college or university is an obvious choice. But what programme exactly? At first, the sheer number of degree programmes can be really intimidating. Of course, first you ask around to find out what your friends are doing and spend some time on Google to find out what degree programme might be right for you. That’s not a bad start, but there's something even better! Imagine there was a person who could guide you through the process. They could help you organize and evaluate all the information and help you work out the criteria that would lead you to find the right degree programme for you. Sounds too good to be true? Ha! This person really exists at TU Darmstadt – there is even a whole team: The Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation (ZSB).

Troubles with uni? ZSB will help you!

In practical terms – this is how you can reach the TU Darmstadt Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation team

The Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation Centre (ZSB) offers its services not only to prospective and soon-to-be students, but also to professionals who wish to study part-time, teachers, schools and interested parents. The ZSB provides information on student orientation, decision making, planning and organisation and supports students in finding solutions for problematic or urgent academic situations.

Due to corona prevention measures, no on-site personal consultation will take place until further notice. After making an appointment at , the ZSB team will be happy to assist you with advice and support by phone or in a zoom meeting.

Diploma? Check! Now what?

So, you've graduated from high school and definitely want to go to university, but somehow you aren’t 100% sure what to major in? You’ve already looked around and are having problems with your decision? Then maybe the following tip from the ZSB team will help you find the perfect degree programme: Get informed – Get experience – Decide. Start with information: You can find a complete list of all the different degree programmes that are offered at the TU Darmstadt online – with detailed curriculums, as well as all the information you need about the application process and admissions, career prospects and lots more.. Take some notes on which degree programmes pique your interest and which qualifications you already have. Still not ready to make a decision? Then TU Darmstadt has an ace up its sleeve: the Online Self-Assessment (OSA) gives you the chance to find in-depth information about your dream degree programme and to test your knowledge by answering realistic questions and exercises from various fields. Afterwards you’ll know a lot more about the requirements of the degree programme and you’ll be prepared to make an informed decision.

Get to know and experience the TU Darmstadt at the digital TUDay

So, you’d like to have a more hands-on experience of TU Darmstadt? The ZSB has come up with the perfect solution: TUDay – which is totally digital at the moment. You’ll be able to participate in live streams and chats about the university itself and the various degree programmes. You can also see some cool research via video. Every degree programme will be presented with its own profile and you’ll get exclusive first-hand information through interviews, lectures, lab tours etc. It’s going to be a digital first-hand experience and you’ll feel like you’re sitting right at the table with student advisors, researchers and current students. In live chats you’ll be able to ask all the questions you have been dying to ask. The virtual campus tours will also show you the best places to spend time between lectures, where the best spots to study are and how to find your way to the largest lecture hall. Pretty cool, huh?!

Do you want to take a look at the first digital TUDay? We have recorded many live sessions for you.

Finding your own path

Is the sheer number of choices overwhelming you? If you’re having trouble deciding among several exciting options, the ZSB decision workshops can help. They’ll show you methods for finding out your interests, and how to organize all the information so you can figure out your own personal decision-making criteria. This will help you be more confident in your decision.

Still not sure? Don't worry, maybe an appointment with the Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation will help. You might think that’s not possible in the current Corona crisis, but TU Darmstadt reacted quickly and has adapted ZSB’s services. All your questions can be answered by the Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation team via e-mail, phone or a zoom meeting. Whichever way works best for you.

That's the ZSB!

What do we actually do and how can you contact us? Get to know the ZSB of TU Darmstadt.

When you’re stuck – the Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation team is here to help

So, you’ve chosen the perfect degree programme at TU Darmstadt, the semester has started and you think you have everything under control? Congratulations! But maybe you’re having some problems with your courses, and you don't know exactly how to solve them? Don't worry, ZSB will be there for you while you are a TU Darmstadt student. The team can help you with almost anything, from academic problems or exam anxiety to even more personal issues such as family conflicts. ZSB helps you look for practical solutions. So, don't panic! Try contacting the Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation team first.

Portrait Denise
Picture: Britta Hüning


Hey there, I'm Denise and I started my second degree in pedagogy at the TU Darmstadt. I’m a big fan of TU Darmstadt and as a mom I get lots of support., Besides the great range of academic classes, what I really appreciate are all the different university clubs and Unisport. You can basically find anything your heart desires, plus make friends super easily. Maybe we'll run into each sometime!