Enter previous course of study

In order to process your application, your complete previous study history must be known. Enter your complete study history here (all previous periods of study – including interrupted degree programs) including semesters on leave and/or semesters abroad as well as examinations.

For each interruption in the course of studies, please always create a new entry. There must be neither overlaps nor gaps in the semester periods at the end!

TUCaN distinguishes between the following types: Domestic, Abroad, Exam.

Step 1

First enter the university of your first enrolment.

Please note that the entry for “University of first enrolment” must be the same as the first entry in the course of studies in step 2 below!

Step 2

First, please select Domestic, Abroad or Exam in the field study process record and wait briefly until the page has reloaded.

Please make sure that your first entry is the same as the entry “University of first enrolment”.

Please note to wait a short time after your selection of the course of studies until the page is reloaded! Please do not click on “Add entry” during this time.

You must create a new entry for each interruption in the course of study. There must be neither overlaps nor gaps in the semester periods!

A semester abroad is only to be entered in the course of studies if you were exclusively enrolled at a foreign university. If you were enrolled at a German higher education institution and were on leave of absence due to a stay abroad, a semester of leave of absence must be entered in the course of studies!

Step 3

You must now select the corresponding status (enrolled/on leave of absence) and select the first and last semester of the respective university. In the case of a stay abroad, you must enter the exact dates. You must also enter your university, your degree and your subject of study. It is also important to indicate whether you are studying full- or part-time.

If you have already completed an basic degree (“Grundstudium”) or a full degree pro programme, or will complete it by the beginning of the semester for which you are applying, then you must enter a study process record entry of the type exam.

Here, please enter the exact date of the exam, the university at which you took the examination, the name of the degree you were aiming for in the degree programme, the name of the subject and the overall grade of the exam.

Example for study progress record

SoSe 2008 – SoSe 2009 domestic studies

WiSe 2009 – WiSe 2009 semester on leave of absence

01.04.2010 – 31.03.2011 Semester abroad (Attention: NO semester on leave of absence)

WiSe 2011 – SoSe 2012 domestic studies

17.08.2012 exam

If you have completed your studies at university in Germany without interruption and have not yet taken an examination, please enter your last semester and click on Save at the bottom left.

Example: Semester on leave of absence

If you have interrupted your studies by taking a semester on leave of absence, please enter the semester last attended before the interruption in the study process history 1 and click on Add entry below.

In the study history entry 2, please enter Domestic for the course of studies and Leave of absence for the status. Then you have to state in which semester you were on leave of absence. In addition, you must repeat the information on your university, degree and subject from Study History 1. When you have done this, click on Save at the bottom left.

If you have resumed your studies in the meantime, please add a third entry (again with immatriculated status) via the Add entry button. Fill this in with the details from study history entry 1, but change the semester details accordingly.

If you interrupted your studies at home by studying abroad, please enter the semester last attended before the interruption in the previous progress entry and click on Add entry.

In the first progress entry, please enter the periods of study up to the last semester attended before the study abroad with immatriculated status (see above: “Domestic studies without interruption and no examination”).

Then click on the Add entry button.

Now enter the date from when to when you studied abroad in the history entry under course of studies. Enter your degree, the subject and the country. You can also voluntarily enter the name of the university. Once you have done this, click on Save in the bottom left-hand corner.

If you have meanwhile resumed your studies in Germany, please add a third entry (Study History Domestic with status immatriculated) via the add Entry button. Once you have done this, click on Save at the bottom left.

Example: Exam

If you have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree or will complete it by the start of the application semester, please enter the (expected) examination date, university, degree you are aiming for at the time, field of study and the (expected) overall assessment. If the overall assessment (grade) is not yet known at the time of application, please select Pass, overall grade not known here.

Then click on Save at the bottom left.