The application for studying at the Technische Universität Darmstadt can easily be done online from any location.

For your online application, select the application portal according to the country of your university entrance qualification (HZB):

HZB acquired abroad

HZB at a German school in Germany or German school abroad.

If you apply for the 1st semester of a degree programme that participates in the “Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV)”, you must also register at beforehand. The study programmes that participate in the DoSV are listed here. This applies to German and European HZB.

Use movein if you have acquired your HZB at…

  • an international school in Germany or abroad (e.g. IB, IBO)
  • a foreign school abroad
  • Academic Bridging Courses (e.g. assessment test)
  • you would like to apply for a Master's degree and have obtained the degree entitling you to study for a Master's degree at a foreign university

More about application and admission for international students

Please see the German version of this page.