Application procedure NC – degree programs

Step 1

Basically, proceed as described in the instructions for the application process in general . The interview is individually tailored to your subject combination.

If you are applying for the 1st semester of numerous degree programs , you must register at the service portal to participate in the “Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren” before applying in TUCaN.

Step 2

In the further application process, the “NC Dialog” asks for procedure-relevant data, e.g. about service or supervision, waiting period improvement or second degree studies.

Depending on the information you have given, you will either be provided with a purely online procedure or an additional application will be generated as soon as the application has been submitted online.

If the application is generated, the application is not binding until the printed and signed application is being received by mail.

If no application is generated, the application is directly binding through electronic submission (online); no written application needs to be submitted here.