Current course catalogue in TUCaN

Course Catalogue

Picture: Jan-Christoph Hartung
Picture: Jan-Christoph Hartung

TU Darmstadt's current course catalogue is available on TUCaN, the organizational portal for degree programmes and teaching. Apart from a few exceptions, the course catalogue can be accessed without logging into the portal using a TU-ID.

Registering for courses

Registration for most courses opens when the course catalogue is published:

  • Summer semester: 1st working day in March
  • Winter semester: 1st working day in September

Please also note the other semester dates.

Dates may vary – please check your department's schedule. The registration period for each course is specified in TUCaN.

Important notes

  • Do not register for courses via the course catalogue. Go to CoursesMy Courses Registration.
  • You must first register for the module and then for the course. The course will then appear in your timetable.
  • When you enrol on a course, you are not automatically registered for the examination. Register for examinations under Examinations in the menu. You can only register for the examination if you are enrolled on the module and course.
  • More information about registering for modules and courses