FAQ & Tutorials

Do you have questions concerning the online-registration for an examination or you wish to configure the forwarding of TUCaN-messages to you e-mail-account? These FAQ offer a variety of detailed information about the use of TUCaN and the organisation of your studies.

More FAQs and tutorials can be found on the German version of this website.

In General/Messages

How can I change my address?

What is TUCaN?

University email account and TUCaN Messages: What settings are recommended?

What are system messages?

How do I forward system messages to my email account?

How can I access my certificate of study?

Is TUCaN available in English?

How can I view all courses held in English?

How can I view the course catalogue in English?


How do I register for a module?

How do I withdraw from a module?

What is a module?

How do I register for language modules?

I don't know how many or which modules I have to take. Who can I ask for help?

What are the consequences of not withdrawing from a module?


How can I register for a course?

How do I withdraw from a course?

What is a course?

What courses do I have to register for?

When I try to register using the course search, nothing happens.

I can find the course in my registration area, but I don't see a registration button.

How do I know my registration was successful?

How do I register for language courses?

Do I have to sign up for Moodle courses?

Overview of all courses held in English

Course Catalogue

Where can I find the course catalogue?

Can I find the course catalogue without logging in to TUCaN?

How can I view all courses that are lectured in English?

How can I see in which language a course is lectured?

How can I switch the course catalogue language to English?


How to find deadlines for registration/cancellation

How do I register for an examination?

How do I withdraw from an examination?

Withdrawal due to illness: When and where do I have to hand over my medical certificate?

Where can I learn where my examination will take place?

Where can I find the examinations I've signed up for?

Where can I find a list of all examinations taking place this semester?

I can't find my registration for an examination in “My Examinations”. What should I do?

My examination is shown in “Exams offered for registration”, but I cannot sign up for it.

Am I signed up for the next examination automatically if I retreat from the current examination?

The appointment for a repeat examination isn't shown in TUCaN.

I want to repeat an examination. Do I have to sign up for the corresponding course again?

TUCaN Webportal / TU-ID

What is the TU-ID?

Where do I find out my TU-ID?

Where and how can I activate my TU-ID?

I forgot my TU-ID. Who can I speak to for help?

I forgot my password. What can I do?

Grades / Transcript of Records

Where can I get my transcript of records?

Who can I speak to if my grades can't be found in TUCaN?

There is a module marked “incomplete” in my transcript of records, what does that mean?

My grades are visible in my examination results, but not in my transcript of records. What do I have to do?

Contact Persons / Offices for Student Affairs

To which Office for Student Affairs do I have to submit my medical certificate?

What Office for Student Affairs is my office?


How does the schedule tool work?

I just signed up for a course. Why hasn't it appeared on my schedule yet?

I can see a number of rooms for my examination listed on my schedule. Where do I have to go?

Theses / TUbama

TUbama for students

Access to the electronically archived theses

Submitting theses in electronic form

File format for theses

Contact for TUbama

Declaration about the thesis

External theses