Student Service

The Student Service (Studierendenservice) is responsible for all student and prospective student concerns and administrative matters:

  • Applications and admission (German university entrance eligibility)
  • Registration, changing degree programme, including transfers from Bachelor's to Master's (German university entrance eligibility)
  • Semester fees
  • Re-registration, leave of absence, de-registration
  • Enrolment certificates
  • Issuing accreditation/duplicates and legalizing certificates
  • Confirmation of study periods for pension providers
  • Health insurance fund (Krankenkasse)
  • Guest students

Prospective / current students with non-German or international university entrance eligibility

Students (German and non-German citizens alike) with international credentials and international students who are already enrolled are looked after by the international admissions unit .

Additional contacts

The Central Student Advisory and Orientation Office (ZSB) provides

  • Advice for students with learning difficulties, examination issues, wishing to change degree programme, withdraw from their course, etc.
  • Advice for prospective students on choosing a degree programme
  • Advice on general issues such as financial or domestic problems

TheOffices for Student Affairs answer questions about

  • Modules and courses
  • examinations (registering/withdrawing, notification of sickness/certificate, grades …),
  • examination regulations
  • performance records

The is responsible for

  • Technical issues, e.g. if the web portal is unavailable or you have problems logging in.