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TU Darmstadt Research Fellowship for Professor Jeffrey Bergthorson

2023/10/12 by

Professor Jeffrey Bergthorson, a world-renowned expert and pioneer in the field of alternative, metallic energy sources, has been awarded a TU Darmstadt Research Fellowship.

Professor Christian Hasse (left) congratulates Professor Jeffrey Bergthorson (right) on the TU Darmstadt Research Fellowship at the 31st German Flame Day for Sustainable Combustion.

As the second TU Darmstadt Research Fellow , he is working with researchers from the Clean Circles cluster project to investigate how metals and metal oxides can be used in a cycle as a carbon-free chemical energy carrier to store wind and solar energy. Stored in this way, renewable energy can be transported and released when needed through CO2-free high-temperature combustion. Electricity generation in power plants or processes in the chemical industry can thus be retrofitted to be CO2-free. The resulting metal oxides are captured and recycled. In Clean Circles, Prof. Bergthorson will contribute his expertise in the field of thermochemical oxidation, i.e. the storage of renewable energy.

Professor Jeffrey Bergthorson researches and teaches at McGill University in Canada and directs the Alternative Fuel Lab. He received his PhD in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology in 2005 and has received numerous honors and awards. In the process, he has published over 250 scientific contributions in the context of metallic energy sources and combustion research. In addition to iron, he sees aluminum as a promising energy carrier that can be used to produce hydrogen.

TU Darmstadt Research Fellowship

The TU Darmstadt Research Fellowship is part of the TU research strategies and aims to integrate international competence in research fields, profile topics and research alliances. The fellowships enhance the international reputation of TU Darmstadt and are the basis for strong, international research alliances.

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