Location Hochschulstadion (H)

The University Stadium (Hochschulstadion) is home to a variety of sports facilities such as the university swimming pool and sports fields. Furthermore, the Otto-Wolfskehl-House, the international guest house of the TU Darmstadt, is also located there.

Site Map

H1|01 Sports halls
Lichtwiesenweg 5
University Sports Centre (USZ)

H1|02 University Stadium, Running track and seating terraces
Lichtwiesenweg 5

H1|03 unifit
Lichtwiesenweg 15

H1|04 University Stadium, Children's pool
Lichtwiesenweg 5

H1|05 University Stadium, Cloakroom
Lichtwiesenweg 5

H1|06 University Stadium, Swimming pool with grandstand
Lichtwiesenweg 5

H1|07 Climbing gym Alpenverein
Lichtwiesenweg 15
DAV Kletterzentrum Darmstadt
Alpenverein Darmstadt

H1|08 Office building University Sports Centre
Lichtwiesenweg 3
University Sports Centre (USZ)

H1|82 Otto-Wolfskehl-House (International Guest House)
Nieder-Ramstädter Straße 130/130A

H1|84 uniKITA – Forest kindergarten
Lichtwiesenweg 9A

Climbing forest Darmstadt