The Vice President of Technische Universität Darmstadt

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini

Vice President Professor Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini is responsible for the topic of research funding and research profile development at TU Darmstadt, the funding of well-established young scientists and the funding of innovation and start-ups.

My work has three interwoven thematic priorities: Excellent research, established early career researchers and innovation and start-up support.

The outstanding research carried out at TU Darmstadt is in constant further development to achieve an enhanced profiled and greater visibility. The profile areas serve as areas of excellence and drivers of internationalisation, innovation, research-oriented teaching formats and targeted promotion of early career resarchers. At the same time, new profile topics for future challenges are identified and taken up.

The acquisition of third-party funds is essential for the research and visibility of the TU Darmstadt. Particular potential is seen in the acquisition of DFG research grants, ERC grants and Marie Curie Actions. The current good level of federal programmes and industrial cooperation is to be maintained.

Funding established early career scientific researchers will be strengthened by accompanying them on their way to professorship as well as systematic funding and establishment of early career research group leaders.

The main strategic goals of funding innovation and start-ups are a dynamic innovation culture and an innovation-supporting environment, stimulated by incentive systems, programmes and infrastructure. For this, the sustainable structures already existing at TU Darmstadt for systematic identification and further development of research results with innovation potential are reinforced; these include a comprehensive range of courses on innovation and entrepreneurship, an infrastructure that promotes innovation such as the HIGHEST Center, and systematic support for innovative project applications.

Commissioner tasks

  • Strategic business partners
born 1966
1997 Doctorate in Computer Science, University of Siegen, Germany
1997 – 1999 Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
seit 2000 Professor of Computer Science, TU Darmstadt
2013 – 2016 Visiting Professor, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
2014 – 2016 Vice President at TU Darmstadt responsible for knowledge and technology transfer
2014 – 2016 Vice President at TU Darmstadt responsible for knowledge and technology transfer
2014 – 2016 European Research Council (ERC), Consolidator Grant Panel
2014 – 2016 DG Connect Advisory Board for the EU Horizon 2020 Programme
2016 to date Computer Science Review Board, German Research Foundation (DFG)
2016 to date Member of acatech (German National Academy of Science and Engineering)