Vision TU Darmstadt 2030

Vision TU Darmstadt 2030

With the “Vision TU Darmstadt 2030” the TU Darmstadt is working on the goals for its development until 2030. The Vision is the basis for the preparation of an application in the Universities of Excellence funding line and provides a compass for strategic decisions.

The Vision process started in March 2016 and has so far included the following steps:

• Working group with members of the university

• Workshop with leaders from politics, business and society

• University-public online commentary of the Vision draft

• Two university-wide workshops

• Regular reports and discussions in the Senate and the University Council

The Vision process in pictures


Current status

The Senate discussed the current status of the Vision 2030 on 20 December 2017 (access to the PDF only for TU members). The TU Darmstadt is currently preparing an application to become a University of Excellence. Following the funding decisions in the Excellence Strategy, impulses from the application process are to flow into the final Vision 2030.


Four questions for President Hans Jürgen Prömel

Porträt von Hans Jürgen Prömel. Bild: Katrin Binner
President Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Prömel. Image: Katrin Binner

Professor Prömel, why does the TU Darmstadt need a “Vision TU Darmstadt 2030”?

A university has to think about its own goals from time to time, because it needs a long-term strategy. This is what we are doing with the Vision TU 2030 process. Additionally, the Excellence Strategy provides a concrete occasion. We are developing a Vision TU 2030 in order to have a good basis for a potential application as a University of Excellence.

How have you perceived the process so far?

I am noting a lot of interest – 500 members of the university alone participated in the online commentary, and we had two large and productive TU-wide workshops. As far as the content is concerned, I believe that very crucial questions were raised in the process. Such as: How do we create optimum scientific development opportunities for the members of the university? As a medium-sized technical university, how do we find the balance between profiling and breadth, whilst remaining dynamic in both dimensions? How do we combine the opportunities of digitisation in research and teaching with a lively, inspiring campus? Raising these questions and discussing them in the university is of great value, because it is important to keep an eye on the central challenges and opportunities at all levels of the university.

What are other focal points of the Vision TU 2030?

Even though the Vision is deliberately broad and covers many areas of the university, for me some values are at the heart of the results to date. The TU Darmstadt wants to shape the future by relying on the transformative power of scientific knowledge. We see the opportunities of science, but we are also aware of our responsibility. Additionally, the diversity of the university will increase in very different dimensions, from language to educational backgrounds to life plans. For me, the future identity of the TU Darmstadt is therefore strongly based on our ability to live respect and cosmopolitanism and thus to make diversity the norm.

What’s next for Vision TU 2030?

In the course of 2018 we are preparing for the Universities of Excellence funding line. The status of the Vision we have achieved so far is an important basis for this. Once the decisions have been made there, we will finalise the Vision. To this end, we will also take up new ideas that we are developing in preparation for the University of Excellence.