At TU Darmstadt, all kinds of innovations are generated in research projects. With over 540 patents and patent applications, TU Darmstadt offers a wide range of IP. Our IP managers are looking for companies and industry partners to use these innovations for product development.

Innovation services: TU Darmstadt IP

A full overview of our innovation services can be found on the HIGHWAY innovation platform from the Technical University of Darmstadt. This is used to connect academics, start-ups and companies, as well as to discuss innovations and new technologies being developed at TU Darmstadt.

IP commercialisation models

There are three models that can be used to exploit our patents: sale of IP, licensing and ‘IP4Shares’.

Under the IP4Shares model, the rights to the university IP are transferred to the company. In return, TU Darmstadt receives virtual shares in the company. Payment for the IP is postponed into the future and the start-up does not initially need to allocate funds for the rights. These can instead be used to build up the company.

Please contact us directly if you are interested. Your contact person: Susanne Gürich.

Validation funding: Pioneer Fund

The university’s internal Pioneer Fund funding programme, which was created in partnership with Entega, aims to boost TU Darmstadt’s innovation capabilities. The Pioneer Fund provides up to €135,000 of funding for development and feasibility studies for up to 18 months for innovations at the pre-competitive stage.

Pioneer Fund projects

The Pioneer Fund is seeking corporate partners for dialogue, funding and partnerships. Please simply get in touch with us if you are interested.

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Pioneer Fund projects

Find a summary here of the projects for the three sub-programmes, ACTIVATOR, BOOSTER and PIONEERS.

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