Overview of the current projects


Program line ACTIVATOR is an internal instrument to increase the exploitation ability of research result. Further information on the program line you will find on the site Förderprogramm .

Current Projects

Currently the following projects are funded in program line ACTIVATOR:

Department Project Project Coordinator/in Project Start
Advanced Thin Film Technology Group, Institute for microwave Technology and Photonics ALOVA Patrick Salg 01.05.2019
Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics Load alleviationon wind power plants by means of self-adjusting flaps Dr.-Ing.Benjamin Lambie 01.10.2019
Mechanical Engineering In//Ka Philipp Neubauer, M.Sc. 01.11.2019
Mechanical Engineering HCP Sense Tobias Schirra, M.Sc 01.05.2019
Biology, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Microwaveporator Dr. Marina Kithil, Sönke Schmidt, M.Sc. 01.01.2019
Mechanical Engineering,
Materials- and Geosciences
Development of a “top-down” production route for Nd-Fe-b magnets Fansun Chi, M.Sc., Dr. Enrico Bruder, Dr. Stefan Riegg 01.10.2018
Materials- and Geosciences NanoScaleAbdruck Dr.Lars-Oliver Heim 01.06.2018
Chemistry New electrolytes for supercapacitors Prof. Dr. Barbara Albert, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Franz 01.05.2018
Chemistry PainStop: New materials for the therapie of chronic pain Prof. Dr. Felix Hausch 01.04.2018
Chemistry Cells in Motion
Dr.-Ing. Ljubomira Schmitt, PD Dr. Tobias Meckel 01.10.2017
Mechanical Engineering Pool controller for a Virtual Power Plant
M.Sc. Thomas Weber 01.10.2017
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Galliumnitride – based Gunn Diodes for active imaging scanners

PD Dr.-Ing. Oktay Yilmazoglu 01.08.2017
Chemistry QuickFib – An enzymatic rapid test for determination of fibrinogen Prof. Dr. Katja Schmitz 01.07.2017

Within program line BOOSTER the work on practical issues is supported. Application is possible after publication of a topic-related announcement (see program line BOOSTER). Further information on the program line you will find on the siteFunding Programm .

The following projects are currently funded in the BOOSTER program line,

Department Project Project Coordinator Project Start
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Probabilistic electricity price forecasting for several markets. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Florian Steinke 01.03.2018

The following table shows currently announced projects of the program line BOOSTER.

If you are interested or if you need further information please contact Mr. Robert Heitzmann. We are looking forward to your application!

Number Topic
Currently there are no open announcements. Please visit us again soon!

The objective of program line PIONEERS is promotion of innovative start-ups. Further information on program line PIONEERS you will find on the siteFörderprogramm .

Currently there are no funded projects in program line PIONEERS.

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