Science communication

Science communication supports all strategic areas at TU Darmstadt and is an important component of the xchange strategy. Dynamic changes at the global level mean that flexible tools are required for the sharing of knowledge. In response to these needs, TU Darmstadt developed xchange and the Darmstadt model of science communication.

The deliberative and participatory approach to science communication emphasises partner-like dialogue between academics and third parties. More than ever, valid and objective information is the basis for democratic decision-making processes. And these require science and the community to work together effectively. By doing so, unnecessary barriers to communication can be removed, while TU Darmstadt’s communicators can develop and improve through targeted training and individual coaching. The aim is to develop and strengthen the university as a whole. To shape this process, TU Darmstadt set up a new central support unit in 2021 – the Science Communication Centre (SCC).

The Science Communication Centre (SCC) houses under one roof teams for communication, marketing, fundraising and ‘friendraising’. The SCC acts as an internal service provider that supports all specific communication management areas and reinforces its external impact. SCC staff focus on ‘state-of-the-art’ science communication. They proactively make their knowledge available to all interested members of the university.

To help publicise outstanding research, the SCC offers coaching sessions and workshops led by experts on specific media formats with the “Science Meets Media” project that is funded by the state of Hesse. The formats are designed in accordance with individual needs, aims and time limitations. They are also intended to facilitate interaction with other communicating researchers. Science Meets Media, which is targeted mainly towards experienced academics, is supplemented by other offerings in Darmstadt.

The WissKomm Campus is the new e-learning platform from the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik). Young scientists can find all kinds of online courses for professional science communication on the platform. As an advisory board member, TU Darmstadt is directly involved in the development of the WissKomm Campus platform.