Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding studying Cognitive Science at TU Darmstadt

General Application/Admission

For general information please view the course descriptions for the B.Sc. Cognitive Science and the M.Sc. Cognitive Science.

The winter semester always starts on October 1st. Courses usually start mid October. The summer semester starts on April 1st and courses usually start mid April. The exact dates can be found on the central website with all Semester Dates. The application deadlines for all study programs at TU Darmstadt (including Cognitive Science) can be found on the central Application Deadlines website. Please note: Depending on when you look at the webpage it will show you the application periods for the winter or the summer semester and, hence, while you may be looking for information to apply for the next winter semester, the site may only have information for the preceding summer semester because that’s the current application period.

International students:

Please refer to the site of the Department for International Admission and contact them in case of any further questions.

Students with a German university entrance eligibility (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, HZB):

Please refer to the site of the Zentrale Studienberatung and contact them in case of any further questions.

Bachelor Program

You can view the formal requirements for international students here, for German students here.

The courses for the Bachelor’s program are offered in German and require a proof of language skills from international students as described here (under “Language Requirements”)

English skills are also important but not officially required. Some courses may be in English and a lot of the literature is, too.

Master Program

The entry requirements can be found here (under “General Information” → “Admission”).

Note that the program is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in cognitive science. Other degrees are not automatically excluded but admission requires competencies of at least 80 CP of the reference program (B.Sc. Cognitive Science at TU Darmstadt), i.e. in the areas of basic computer science (at least 30 CP), foundations of cognitive science (psychology, movement science, cognitive science, neuroscience, or related disciplines) (at least 30 CP) and advanced courses in cognitive science: linguistics, philosophy, sports science, psychology (at least 20 CP).

The program is taught in English, so a proof of proficiency in English at C1 level or equivalent is required. Details can be viewed here (“Language Requirements”).

German skills are not required but beneficial as some elective courses are taught in German.

Compentencies in computer science are required (30 CP). The Master’s program builds on the our Bachelor’s program which acts as a reference program and contains several computer science courses as can be seen here (opens in new tab).


You can check out the website of the student council, as well as our stand at the university fair Hobit.

The programs at TU Darmstadt have a strong focus on computational cognitive science with a close connection to computer science and artificial intelligence. Only relatively few classes are offered in philosophy, linguistics, or neurobiology.

You can view the module overviews for the B.Sc. (opens in new tab) and M.Sc. (opens in new tab) and read more about our focus here.

Contact our members directly depending on your field of interest. You can view a selection of recent student projects on this page.

General information can be found here. For specific inquiries please contact our members directly depending on your field of interest.