Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines

Please apply as early as possible for your desired degree programme, because applying early means knowing and being able to plan early!

Please keep in mind: The application process (from receipt of your application to the admission decision) will take several weeks.

Change of subject for TU-students (incl. change into Masterss degree)
Bachelor's degree programmes
Master's degree programmes
Teaching degree programmes

Further information on the degree programmes and admission procedures can also be found on the websites of the departments.

The application procedure for a Master's programme place takes a long time (approx. 6-8 weeks) from receipt of your application to the admission decision. Each application must be reviewed by the responsible department (entrance requirements verification).

We therefore recommend that you apply early in order to ensure timely enrolment in the event of admission.

It is possible to apply without a Bachelor's degree certificate. You can find out when you need to submit your Bachelor's certificate here.

An early application has a lot of advanteges:

  • You get clarity early whether you will be admitted and for which degree programme,
  • You can start looking for accommodation early,
  • You will receive your student ID card with your semester ticket (RMV) early,
  • You can register for courses, modules and seminars up to one month before the semester begins and can plan, prepare and look forward to your studies,
  • You may already be enrolled at the TU Darmstadt if the orientation events for first-semester students start before courses begin, and
  • You may be able to take care of BaföG and child benefit at an early stage.