Our commitment

We are researching innovative approaches and are developing holistic concepts, so that climate-friendly solutions to energy and environmental problems can be developed and a future worth living for all can be shaped.

Each one of us is charged with the responsibility of developing solutions for the immense challenges humanity is facing. “Business as usual” is hardly possible anymore. We need new ideas, paths, and solutions in order to leave our children and grandchildren a world worth living for.

In this context, the Research Field Energy and Environment (E+E) at TU Darmstadt sees itself as the research incubator for solutions to energy and environment problems, because we link expertise from engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences – act holistically, and bring concrete solutions to feasibility.

Research is not merely knowing and understanding. We are focused on developing solutions to urgent problems. That's why we think things through. We develop visions and approaches, and carry them through until they are ready for implementation.

To solve complex problems, we need the power that comes from linking interdisciplinary teams, because their dialogue and friction is what fuels our disruptive energy for new, unknown approaches and paths. Only together can we overcome these challenges.

However, it is not only ideas that are the heart of our work, but also their feasibility. Feasibility is what defines us and sets us apart. We want to help shape society and markets withforward-looking solutions. As citizens, for citizens. For a future worth living.

In brief, our commitment is as follows:

THINK. LINK. DO. for future

We think things through. Connecting approaches and people, developing solutions for a liveable future.

THINK is for thinking things through. It includes brainstorming, scientific conception, analysis, as well as the evaluation of materials, technologies, and concepts. A wide variety of methods are used for in-depth understanding: tailored fundamental experiments, empirical studies, theoretical models and virtual, numerical simulations.

LINK is for the conviction that successful solutions must be researched and developed together, through the involvement of different perspectives. Analysis covers the entire product life cycle, from the materials to the technologies, and even the future interaction of society and technology. It is also about the development of reference systems for social costs and sustainability, through the participation of science, industry, society, and politics.

DO is for doing, realisation, and feasibility. Joint real-world laboratories, test phases, and demonstrations are being developed. We scale from laboratory application through to pilot systems. The hurdles of implementation are identified and made surmountable. This happens both in cooperation with business and industry, as well as with projects and representatives from society and politics, because only if we succeed in implementing these ideas, will we as a society have helped to solve energy and environment problems.

In our cooperation within the research field Energy and Environment (E+E), but also with our partners, we adhere to certain values. They are essential for us to meet major challenges with feasible solutions. These values serve as a reference point, against which we consistently measure our work:

creative + ambitious

In order to overcome great challenges, we need bold new paths. Thus, we remain open and curious. We allow ourselves to be inspired by new thoughts and ideas. We know that dialogue will illuminate new paths. In dialogue with others, we develop disruptive ideas and from them arise unknown and innovative solutions. That is why we promote scientific discourse and scientific friction, thus creating space for discussion and disruption.

constructive + critical

We are interested in people, their perspectives, their ideas and approaches, and we engage with them beyond professional boundaries and disciplines. In this way, we develop intra-, inter- and transdisciplinary ideas and solutions. Through discussion, we work to integrate outside perspectives and opinions. We do not simply refute suggestions, but instead create viable counterproposals. We are team players. Of course, we question approaches and ideas, but above all we work together to develop them further.

studied + valid

Concrete solutions require sound technical thinking and working. For us, this means: We are rational in our methods and metrics and our processes are transparent and comprehensible. Our mission is to think things through to the end and to make solutions possible. This also means that we scale from nano to giga, objectively assessing needs and functions, as well as social costs.