Ingenium Postdoc Training

Ingenium offers selected training exclusively for Postdocs. By means of a needs analysis, we have designed a programme specifically tailored to your needs in the postdoc phase. It is designed to support you in this qualification phase in the best possible way in pursuing your career goals.

December 4th-8th, 2023 First audition? Applying for professorship – Webcast
The aim of the webcast is to provide participants with detailed information about all phases of the appointment procedure for professorships (focus Germany), and to give them concrete advice and tips for their applications. Further information (opens in new tab)
27. Februar 2024 Berufungsverfahren – Von Erfahrung lernen – Natur-, Ingenieurwissenschaften + Informatik
Die Veranstaltung bietet die Möglichkeit, in einem Gespräch mit erfahrenen Professor:innen sowie weiteren relevanten Akteur:innen Einblicke in Berufungsverfahren zu erlangen. Mehr erfahren (opens in new tab)
Do you have any wishes or suggestions for a specific training?

In addition to the Ingenium Postdoc Training designed specifically for postdocs and offered exclusively to postdocs, you are free to participate in all courses of the Ingenium Qualification Programme and the Ingenium Networking Programme, which are designed for and offered jointly to doctoral students and postdocs. Ingenium Qualification and Networking Programme for doctoral candidates and postdocs