Titel Page Specifications

Which parts of the doctoral thesis are subject to specific requirements?

Specifications usually apply to the front and reverse sides of the title page. The term ‘title page’ is NOT the same thing as the book cover/cover/cover page. A title page is the first or second page (if the book has an empty page (half-title) of a book. This page contains bibliographic information, which may also appear on the cover of the book.

In case of publishing your thesis as a book, you are able to choose your own layout for the title page, or you can use the specifications for the electronic publication as a guide. It is important, however, to state that it is the publication of a thesis, listing the place in which the thesis was written and the name of the university as the ‘Technische Universität Darmstadt’.

This information must be printed on the reverse side of the title page.

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