Respect on Campus

For a respectful social and professional interaction free from discrimination

The Gender Equality Officer and the Gender Equality Office work together with the Antisexism/Antidiscrimination Working Group at the TU Darmstadt. In 2016, the guidelines against sexualised discrimination and assaults came into force. The achTUng! campaign provides various information, counselling and training services to support those persons affected or seeking advice. In 2019, the Antidiscrimination Guidelines were published. Both of these guidelines are directed towards students, trainees and employees and they are an important addition to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG- Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz).

Affected or interested persons please contact the achTUng! team. This is the mutual and confidential email address for the counselling offices:

In addition, every employee, student, and instructor at the TU Darmstadt can contact the Gender Equality Officer.

Anti-discrimination Guidelines

The Anti-discrimination Guidelines became effective in 2019.

The TU Darmstadt promotes an equal-rights-based cooperation between its members and affiliates at all functional levels in the service sector, study programmes, teaching and research. The University values cooperation based on trust and a respectful and appreciative interaction with each other.

It is committed to assuring that during their time at the University, no person shall be discriminated against, in particular for reasons of racial assumptions or because of ethnic or national origins, nor due to gender, religion or world view, impairment, age, sexual identity or outward appearance.

This guideline serves to apply the prohibition of discriminatory practices under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) also to and in favour of all members and affiliates of the TU Darmstadt, particularly to those who are not bound to the TU Darmstadt under an employment or service contract and therefore not covered by the AGG.

The guideline provides the affected individual with the right of complaint. It obliges the TU Darmstadt to preventative, structural and compensatory measures and allows sanctions.