Take a break – do it right!

When working or studying, breaks are important to regenerate or stay focused. Regular and effective breaks increase concentration and promote health! Take a break several times a day for five to ten minutes – ideally every 90 minutes. Use the inspiring, sporty, relaxing and culinary break design ideas of the TU Darmstadt to take a break in your own personal way.

Dr. Manfred Efinger,

Promoting a healthy way of taking a break is a continuing process which must be continuously adapted and taken into account in all university processes.

Picture: Felipe Fernandes

Annette Kunzendorf ,
Director of the Unisport Center and initiator of the project

Break design can be diverse. Whether sporty, relaxing or inspiring, together with colleagues or individually, flexibly available or firmly planned.

Picture: USZ Darmstadt

Take a rental bike

Just take a rental bike.

  • For students, the “Call a bike” rental bikes are available free of charge for the first hour. .Find out more


How about a power nap? A healthy nap in between?

Power nap is a kind of nap, only much shorter. The short sleep helps to get a short rest during the midday low to recharge the body and mind with new energy. Stress is relieved, the mood is lifted and the immune system is strengthened.

To have a restful daytime sleep, it must not last longer than 20 minutes and should ideally be done at noon after eating or in the early afternoon.

Which offer fits?

Get to know the offer that fits best to your needs and habits.

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“Take a break” are many…

The USZ has designed the breaks in cooperation with the following institutions, groups and departments.

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