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About me

Hi everyone! I'm Gwen from Hong Kong, studying M.A. in Data and Discourse Studies. This is an interesting interdisciplinary subject which combines data analysis with humanities. The programme is innovative and visionary because such skills will be in high demand in the future. More importantly, TU Darmstadt is the only university offering such programme worldwide! That's why I'm here!

Data and Discourse Studies M.A.

Most importantly, people in Darmstadt are truly nice and helpful, and I feel like a part of Darmstadt in no time!

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Hong Kong

Study programme:

M.A. in Data and Discourse Studies

Prior education:

B.A. in English (@ The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Why I chose TU Darmstadt:

My programme “Data and Discourse Studies” is offered exclusively by TU Darmstadt. I was attracted by this interdisciplinary subject, as it combines data analysis with humanities. Also, TU Darmstadt has a high reputation and is well-recognised by employers. I can look forward to different opportunities after graduation.

What I like about Darmstadt:

Darmstadt is a compact city where we can have everything accessible easily. It is also at prime location. We can do day trips to other cities like Frankfurt am Main, Mainz, Mannheim and Heidelberg to relax ourselves. Most importantly, people in Darmstadt are truly nice and helpful, and I feel like a part of Darmstadt in no time!

How I experience studying during the pandemic:

Studying during the pandemic has given me two key takeaways: First, do grasp the opportunity to interact with professors and classmates in the e-classroom. Don’t be shy to switch on the camera and to speak up! This can mimic the real-life experience. Second, remember to separate studying time and leisure time. We often stick to the desk all day long during the pandemic. Do plan to exercise and relax yourselves. This is important to your physical and mental health!

Fun fact about me:

I have a lovely dog doll which accompanies me to every travel destination. I even created an Instagram account for it!

My favourite motto:

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade ;)

My favourite quote:

The best way to predict the future is to create it

-- Abraham Lincoln

What makes me happy:

A cup of nice flat white in the morning :D

What I would tell my younger self:

You’ll never know what comes next in your life. Just enjoy the moment!

As a child, I wanted to become a:

A teacher

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