from Nicaragua

About me

Hi, I am Leonardo and I am studying mechanical engineering at the TU Darmstadt. I graduated from a German school in Nicaragua – so why not study in Germany too? No sooner said than done! I will tell you all about my experiences with the choice of programme and the starting at the TU Darmstadt here!

Mechanical and Process Engineering B.Sc.

Identify what makes you happy and work hard to achieve it.

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Study programme:

Mechanical and Process Engineering B.Sc.

Prior education:

German School in Nicaragua

Why I chose TU Darmstadt:

It is one of the best universities in Germany to study mechanical engineering.

What I like about Darmstadt:

I like the atmosphere of the city.

How I felt about the start of the Digital Semester:

I was not a fan of starting a digital semester again. But I managed to keep my motivation going by learning online with my friends.

Fun fact about me:

I like to play guitar and cook.

My favourite motto:

If someone already did it, you can do it too. If no one has done it, you can be the first one to do it.

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