from Ukraine

About me

Hi! I'm Tori, I study architecture at TU Darmstadt. Before starting at TU, I went to Studienkolleg to prepare for university in Germany. When I got my admission from TU, I was really happy. I will regularly blog about my start at TU as a #studentofTUdarmstadt. What inspires me every day are the many different people in the diverse and scientific Darmstadt.

B.Sc. Architecture

Your journey shouldn't be easy... It should be worth it!

Picture: Juan David Aleman




Study programme:

B.Sc. Architecture

Prior education:

Studienkolleg for international students at TU Darmstadt

Why I study at TU Darmstadt:

As a schoolgirl, I came across a magazine with a list of different departments and the most suitable universities. My eyes fell several times on the line “TU DARMSTADT”, which was in the first column of all departments. Without any doubt or hesitation, I familiarized myself with the educational structure of the renowned university in Darmstadt and certainly made the best decision of my life!

What I like about Darmstadt:

To be able to be at any place in Darmstadt in no time – because of the public transport system and short distances between parks and attractions. I also can't help but mention the fairs, like Heinerfest or Schlossgrabenfest, which are impossible to leave until the last day. They deserve special attention!

Fun fact about myself:

By the time I was 18, I had tried out more than five careers and worked voluntarily at over 12 events.

My favourite motto is:

Humans’ work is beauty and glory, humans’ work is his immortality" (Vasyl Symonenko)

What makes me happy:

The realization that everything planned has been successfully completed and you can have fun with friends without any time limit.

What I would tell my younger self:

Ask, find out, research, experiment, discuss, because your interest will lead to confidence in the future. Never be afraid to make mistakes and start over.