"One of the best universities in Germany"
This is how TU Darmstadt scores

The reasons why prospective students choose a particular university can vary. Some prefer to stay close to home to have friends and family near them, while others are drawn to venture into the world. But one criterion is important to everyone: the reputation of the university. Read on to find out how TU Darmstadt performs in the rankings!

Published: March 22nd, 2023; last update: May 2nd, 2024

B.Sc. Business Information Systems

I chose TU Darmstadt because it is one of the best German universities for my course of study and I love the atmosphere of the city, which is partly due to the fact that almost one third of the residents are students.

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B.Sc. Mechatronics

I chose TU Darmstadt not only because of its prestige in academia and research, but also because of the excellent reputation TU Darmstadt graduates have in the professional world.

Portrait Diego
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Outstanding in rankings

Sounds pretty good, right? You are probably wondering what exactly accounts for the excellent reputation of TU Darmstadt. The reasons are varied.

For one, Technical University of Darmstadt is rated particularly well for its degrees. According to the QS Graduate Employability Ranking, TU Darmstadt's graduates are considered particularly qualified by employers, not only domestically but also internationally. In the same vein, WirtschaftsWoche rates TU graduates' chances for an excellent career very high. You want to build a successful career? That is possible with studying at TU Darmstadt!

If you have always wanted to become your own boss, TU Darmstadt offers the perfect environment for this goal: Reuters Ranking Europe's Most Innovative Universities praises TU Darmstadt's innovativeness, while Startup Monitor confirms that the university is particularly attractive for students with ambitions to start their own startup.

TU Darmstadt also enjoys a high reputation internationally, as is reflected in the QS World University Ranking. For 2024, TU Darmstadt ranked 246th out of almost 1500 evaluated academic institutions from all across the world. Compared to 48 other German universities and colleges that were also evaluated in this ranking, TU Darmstadt ranks 15th.

This is how TU Darmstadt performs in various rankings:

M.Sc. Environmental Engineering

I am studying environmental engineering at TU Darmstadt because the university has a very good reputation. I'm sure it will open many opportunities for me worldwide.

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Picture: Britta Hüning

The best study programmes at TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt enjoys a very good reputation overall − but what about the individual study programmes? You can take a look at various rankings for this as well. In the QS Subject Ranking, for example, the study programmes Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Physics at TU Darmstadt were ranked among the top 150 study programmes internationally. The THE Subject Ranking also ranks TU programmes in the area of Computer Science and Engineering very well.

Among the top 5 courses with particularly good career opportunities, the WirtschaftsWoche includes Business Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – all courses that are also offered at TU Darmstadt.

CHE Ranking 2024

The CHE University Ranking, which evaluates German universities and colleges every year according to various criteria and can be viewed on the ZEIT website, also assessed the courses of study offered at TU Darmstadt. As the only ranking that derives its results from direct surveys of students, it is particularly meaningful for study matters.

In the current ranking, the TU Darmstadt performs very well in the subjects analysed. The students actively participated in the survey and gave the TU between three and five stars.

Biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science and geosciences, political sciences, sociology and sports sciences were analysed.

A good four out of five stars were awarded in all subjects for the general study situation, the range of courses on offer and the support provided by lecturers.

TU Darmstadt's degree programmes scored particularly well in terms of support at the start of studies: as in previous CHE surveys, TU Darmstadt's degree programmes achieved almost full marks for measures and offers for first-year students.

The results are published in the ZEIT Study Guide and on ZEIT online under Hey Studium.

In the previous year, the subjects of Information Systems and Industrial Engineering were surveyed. The TU students took part in the evaluation to an above-average extent and gave the TU five stars (full points) in almost all criteria within their subjects.

M.Sc. Material Science

I chose TUDa because it does very well in the rankings and offers my degree programme in English.

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Picture: Britta Hüning

What students say

In addition to official rankings, it is of course equally important to hear from TU Darmstadt students themselves about what they like about their university and how they rate it. On StudyCheck, a website where students can share their experiences with their university and their specific course of study with future prospective students, TU Darmstadt was named the most popular university in Hesse for 2023 − and it also ranked eighth in Germany the year before with a recommendation rate of 93 percent. However, note that StudyCheck ratings are individual and unfiltered. They are based on the personal and subjective impressions of the students and were not, like the rankings listed above, collected using scientific methods.

The five most popular study programmes at TU Darmstadt on StudyCheck

1. Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science

  • Rating of 4.1 stars with a recommendation rate of 97%

2. Biology, Bachelor of Science

  • Rating of 4.1 stars with a recommendation rate of 98%

3. Mechanical Engineering (Sustainable Engineering), Bachelor of Science

  • Rating of 4.1 stars with a recommendation rate of 100%

4. Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bachelor of Science

  • Rating of 3.9 stars with a recommendation rate of 98%

5. Industrial Engineering (technical specialization Mechanical Engineering), Bachelor of Science

  • Rating of 4.1 stars with a recommendation rate of 94%

And this is what students at TU Darmstadt say about their degree programmes on StudyCheck:

You have to be motivated and disciplined because the programme offers a lot of freedom. There are many offers to best prepare for exams. These include lectures, exercises and pre-calculus exercises. Before the exams, there are usually consultation hours to clarify questions that arise during exam preparation. In addition, there are group projects in which solutions for real world problems are developed. This teaches teamwork and practical experience. You can also get further involved in topics in various university groups, such as building race cars or airplanes.

Testimonial Mechanical Engineering (Sustainable Engineering), Bachelor of Science

It demands a lot, yet it is fun and you are not left alone with questions. The focus is clearly on electrical engineering, yet areas of computer science and technical mechanics are also covered. Due to the various specialization options, ETIT offers overall a well-rounded package.

Testimonial Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (ETIT), Bachelor of Science

Very modern and well-structured university. It's very easy to talk to the lecturers and professors - and most importantly: you know where you stand in your professional life at the end of your studies.

Testimonial Environmental Engineering, Master of Science

The programme is a great mix of physics, chemistry, and engineering. The topics are future-oriented, as research into new materials is essential in all areas of life, and the course content is based on one another in a sensible progression. The practical component is also not neglected due to several laboratory internships.

Testimonial Material Science, Bachelor of Science

TU Darmstadt is also rated very well by international students at StudyPortals, an English-language website for universities and study programmes from all over the world, with 3.6 out of 4 stars. The following aspects of TU Darmstadt are particularly praised:

A wonderful place for higher studies with beautiful and green nature.

Very good atmosphere and student-professor exchange.

A well-known and well-reputed university. Some classes in the bachelor's require a lot of studying, but are possible as you will be rewarded with interesting thesis offerings, a very nice master's and perfect chances on the labour market.

Now it's up to you: Click through the various rankings and see for yourself what makes TU Darmstadt so special. And who knows − maybe there is just the right study programme for you?

Picture: Juan Aleman


Hey, I'm Kathrin and I'm studying Business Informatics for my bachelor's degree. I'm originally from Stuttgart and chose this degree programme because the combination of business knowledge and IT background has great future potential due to the advancing digitalisation and offers many exciting topics.

Portrait Diego
Picture: Britta Hüning


¡Hola! My name is Diego and I study mechatronics at TU Darmstadt. I came all the way from my hometown of Caracas in Venezuela to southern Hesse because of TU Darmstadt's top reputation, and I feel right at home. The spirit here is simply super young and innovative – just the right thing for me. And I can already say that I could imagine staying in Darmstadt after graduating!

Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Juan
Picture: Britta Hüning


Hello, my name is Juan. I am from Quito, Ecuador and am currently doing my Master in Environmental Engineering. Coming to Darmstadt was one of the best decisions I could have made, not only because of the study programme, but also because I have gained great work and cultural experiences.

Portrait Moiz
Picture: Britta Hüning


Hey, I'm Moiz and I'm from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a student of materials science. I always dreamed of studying and living abroad, because I used to travel a lot to participate in Scrabble games around the world. I chose TU Darmstadt mainly because of its research profile and rankings.