Reach for the stars with Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

There’s a new course of studies at TU Darmstadt! Anna-Lena is currently studying the brand-new Master’s programme Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the Department of Law and Economics. Find out how the degree programme can get you on the right track to starting up and running your own company, and how it can help prepare you for the future.

Published: 16th February 2021

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management M.Sc.

By studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, I’m getting a great deal of knowledge that I’ll need for my future career. This Master’s degree purely focusing on economics is preparing me perfectly for life after graduation!

Picture: Christian Stumpf

Introducing the new degree programme

Can you really study leadership and innovation? You can as of this winter semester, thanks to the Department of Law and Economics. I’m part of the first year ever of the English-language Master’s course Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at TU Darmstadt. When I found out about the new programme and what it offers, I wanted to know more right away. This merely economically oriented master’s programme not only delivers methodological knowledge, but also the latest insights into entrepreneurship and innovation research. Everything you need for a promising career!

A new addition to the department

In addition to renowned degree courses, such as Business Information Systems and Industrial Engineering, two new English-language Master’s courses were introduced at the Department of Law and Economics this winter semester 2020/21. There are now two purely economics-focused Master of Science programmes at TU Darmstadt: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management, both of which are offered exclusively in English.

The two new Master’s degree courses offered by the Department of Law and Economics are:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

(Master of Science)

English-language Master’s programme

Career prospects: Starting up and running your own company, industry and trade, management consulting

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

(Master of Science)

English-language Master’s programme

Career prospects: Logistics planning, logistics controlling, supplier management, inventory management, production planning and control, model-based optimisation, as well as project and process management

Sectors: Logistics service providers, industrial and commercial companies, management and business consultancy, associations

You are already enrolled in a Master’s degree programme in the Department of Law and Economics, but want to study one of the two new courses? No problem, they can be combined! Of course, external students can also apply for the programmes as long as their Bachelor’s degree meets the applicable requirements. You can find all the information needed in the course descriptions in the link above.

Your path to starting and running a business

But what exactly can you expect from studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management? The degree course generally provides you with the skills you need to set up and run a company, as well as manage innovation in business. It’s all about getting ready for the future! A wide range of seminars enables students to learn not only about different management styles, but also how business models work in practice. More than anything, it shows that starting up a company doesn’t have to be an abstract fantasy; it can be a tangible goal.

Studying online? No problem!

Now you’re probably wondering: but can you study all that online? Of course! When I started my studies, everything was completely online. It was a strange feeling; under normal circumstances, you get to meet your classmates in person during lectures and start chatting with them. Now, I scroll through Zoom meetings only reading the names of those with me in the seminar. For me, this isn’t really an issue. I did my Bachelor’s degree here in Darmstadt and already have a group of friends. However, for those students who have just arrived at TU Darmstadt, our department has developed many different options to make new contacts. Even the orientation phase was held virtually, but in a really brilliant way. Just how these events were held is described in more detail on the Department of Law and Economics website.

For me, a real plus about studying online is that a lot of lectures are recorded in advance. This means I can rewind and listen to the lecture at my own pace if I haven’t fully understood something. As such, students can get more out of their classes which are often very demanding. Okay, you can’t get together for a coffee after class, but we just keep in touch by phone for the time being.

In English, please!

All the Zoom lectures continuously show me just how international the Master’s course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management is. I see a lot of names in the Zoom meetings that suggest an international background, and I’m always amazed at how connected we are at an international level on this course. We also have the chance to get to know the students behind the names in the discussions and group work in the seminars.

Everything about this Master’s course is held exclusively in English. It’s quite a challenge, but I always think challenges are an opportunity to grow! What’s more, the English-language Master’s degree gives you a top qualification, and one which is relevant to today’s global job market. I also think it will be very helpful for me in the future to communicate the complex content of my studies in English and keep up with my field internationally. This course prepares us perfectly for both the national and international labour market.

Think about tomorrow today

It’s never too early to think about the future! And with the Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, you automatically set yourself ambitious goals. By gaining insights into a wealth of specific, forward-looking topics such as leadership and management, you can consolidate your career plans as early as during your studies – and I’m speaking from experience. I find myself thinking about my future career more and more.

Above all, TU Darmstadt has great connections, which often open up contact with potential employers. Just recently I came across a promising opportunity from Bosch Rexroth in an online workshop with VWI|ESTIEM Darmstadt – one of the oldest student associations at TU Darmstadt, which represents a lot of students from the Department of Law and Economics. The Association of Industrial Engineers and Business Information Scientists (VWI) offers various events where representatives from renowned companies introduce themselves and their work.

Bosch Rexroth recently presented itself there and immediately aroused my interest with their trainee programmes, which give you an insight into a wide range of areas and, in some cases, even offer a pathway to management positions. Just one of the many great opportunities I’ve had during my studies! I’ve heard it isn’t easy to get into this kind of programme. But with the Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, I know that I’m in the best possible position for it.

Picture: Christian Stumpf


Hi, I’m Anna-Lena, I am studying the new master’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management parallel with the master’s in Industrial Engineering, specialising in mechanical engineering. Not only do these degrees complement each other perfectly, you get insights into the range of interesting seminars and the opportunity to work with companies in practice. It’s the perfect way to prepare for your future profession.