Political Theory (M.A.)


Political Theory (Master of Arts)

in cooperation with Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

(Politische Theorie, M.A.)


General Information

Degree: Master of Arts
Duration: 4 Semesters
Language: German; in some lectures English
Internship: In the third semester, students have the opportunity to do either a semester abroad or to continue attending courses at the TU Darmstadt or Goethe University Frankfurt. In this case an eight-week internship must be completed in which insight is provided into possible future careers. The internship concludes with a report (12 CPs); further information.
Requirements for Admission:
1. Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme (and thereby university enrollment) consist of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in the same area or an equivalent degree. Admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements. Specific degree entrance requirements may be found here.
2. Language proficiency in English respectively in German.
For further questions please contact the TU Darmstadt departmental advisor’s office or the degree program advisor at the Universität Frankfurt.
Admission Procedure: limited (Universität Frankfurt); further information
Part-time Studies: No
Programme Start: winter semester
Application Deadline: International applicants find their application deadline here.
Application: only through Universität Frankfurt
Special Features: ---

Brief Description

The Master of Arts in Political Theory takes place in cooperation between the Goethe University Frankfurt and the TU Darmstadt. Students are required to attend courses/lectures both at TU Darmstadt and at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Besides the standard issues of justice, the focus of the programme is on the conceptual-historical examination of changes in political concepts, as well as theory-based analysis of power and hegemonic relationships in political reality. Political Theory is researched and taught under various perspectives: a conceptual historical, a philosophically-based, a theory-guided empirical and an institutional-theoretical perspective. The programme aims is to enable students to undertake a careful analysis of the current political scene and its dynamics.

Semester Course Schedule (print version)
Semester Course Schedule (print version)

The Master of Arts degree programme in Political Theory is divided into a Compulsory Course Area (66 CPs) and an Optional Course Area (11 CPs).

The Compulsory Course Area is divided into the following modules:

• Module 1: Theoretical Paradigms
• Module 2: Political Theory and Philosophy
• Module 3: The State and Democracy
• Module 4: Globalisation and International Politics
• Module 6: Semester abroad (optional)
• Module 7: Modern developments in Political Theory
• Module 8: Advanced Studies
• Module 9: Internship
• Module 10: Final module

Module 5 in this programme consists of the Optional Course Area. Students must choose among Social Theory or Constitutional and Legal Theory or Economic Theory and Political Economy.

Students going abroad for one semester have to pass a minimum of six courses at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and a minimum of three courses at the TU Darmstadt. Students not going abroad for a semester have to pass a minimum of eight courses at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and a minimum of four courses at the TU Darmstadt; further information.

The degree programme concludes with the Master’s Thesis (23 CPs).

More information:

Programme Information, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Department (Fachbereich) 03 Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Institute of Political Science, TU Darmstadt


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