Application for a higher subject-related semester

You would like to change your degree programme, subject or university and continue your studies at the Technische Universität Darmstadt? In this case, it is possible to apply for a higher semester with recognition of previous achievements. The application has to be done via the online application, even if you are already enrolled at TU Darmstadt.

If you are applying for the “Lehramt an Gymnasien”, apply for the credit/grading at the Lehrkräfteakademie parallel to your application.

Selection only takes place if there are free places. (See below under the question “Procedure of the selection process – higher semester (”NC")).

If an aptitude assessment procedure also takes place in higher semesters, selection only takes place if the aptitude can be determined by the department (see Application for Bachelor's/ teaching degree and there the section on aptitude assessment procedure).

The recognition of modules or examinations in the Master's degree programme from a previous degree programme entitling the holder to a Master's degree is excluded; this also applies to modules or examinations of another professional qualification entitling the holder to a Master's degree.

Procedure of the selection process – Higher semester (“NC”)

If admission numbers for higher semesters have been set for a degree programme at a university, free study places shall be allocated to those applicants who fulfil the requirements for admission to the relevant higher semester.

  • The prerequisite for admission is that the applicant can prove that he/she has completed the required periods of study in a degree programme with the same name as the previous degree programme or with comparable content for the semester in question, or that he/she has completed the work required for this according to the study or examination regulations, or that previous study and examination achievements have been recognised (achievements amounting to at least 30 CP per semester must be recognised).
  • Applicants who are already enrolled in the chosen degree programme can only apply for a correspondingly higher semester.
  • Applicants who were enrolled in the chosen degree programme or who can be classified in a higher subject-related semester due to creditable achievements of another degree programme can apply for a first and higher subject-related semester.

The number of free study places for the respective subject semester results from the difference between the determined admission number and the number of enrolled students to be assigned to this subject semester and is thus only determined after the end of the re-registration period (after 15.03./15.09.).

Applicants who have had to interrupt their studies for up to three years due to the completion of a service or due to the care of a child under the age of 18 or a relative in need of care will be admitted to continue in the same degree programme irrespective of capacity. Together with your application, please enclose a certificate stating that you will have completed your service by 31 October (winter semester) or 30 April (summer semester).

Registered students of the same degree programme in higher semesters may exchange places with the consent of the universities involved, without prejudice to capacity. The consent may in particular be made dependent on an equal level of education.

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