Application Bachelor's / Teaching Degrees

Bachelor's degree programmes are aimed at those interested directly after leaving school or obtaining their higher education entrance qualification. With a Bachelor's degree, students can start a career or continue their education with a Master's degree. The degree in grammar school teaching enables a traineeship at a school. This degree programme consists of a combination of two subjects. In general, some degree programmes have unrestricted admission, others require an aptitude test or are limited in admission.

The admission procedure may change for each new semester. Please inform yourself about the current procedures for the respective application period.

The current application deadlines and admission procedures can be found on the overview pages for

Bachelor's degree programmes
Teaching degree programmes

Admission-restricted degree programmes / NC degree programmes

In these degree programmes, there is a maximum number of university places (admission number) determined before the procedure. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of these fixed university places, an allocation procedure is carried out in accordance with the “Studienplatzvergabeverordnung Hessen”.

In the case of combined degree programmes “Joint Bachelor of Arts” and “Lehramt an Gymnasien”, the respective required prerequisites must be fulfilled for all subjects of the chosen combination; partial admission is not possible.

Open / unrestricted degree programmes without special procedures

For open/unrestricted degree programmes without special procedures (1st semester and higher semesters), there is no restriction in terms of numbers or otherwise.

Provided that the formal requirements (e.g. appropriate university entrance qualification, certificate of health insurance) are met, the place at the university is guaranteed. You will find these necessary documents in a checklist that is generated individually in the online application. These must be submitted by post.

After your application has been received, you will receive a direct letter of admission in your application account with information about the next steps, such as payment of the semester fee and dispatch of the student ID card with semester ticket.

Aptitude assessment procedure

For some degree programmes (first and higher semesters), the departments set additional criteria in addition to the university entrance qualification in their own statutes.

Participation in the aptitude test requires the timely submission of the application generated in the online application with the documents requested there. In some subject areas, you must register for the aptitude interview in parallel to the online application.

Here you can find out whether an aptitude assessment procedure is carried out for your desired degree programme and which deadline applies.

Information on the procedure of the aptitude test can be found on the respective department pages as well as within the online application. After completion of the aptitude test procedure, the department will inform the Student Services/International Admission Office of the admission results. You will then receive a corresponding notification immediately.

A lottery procedure is not carried out in these degree programmes.