Writing a Bachelor or Master Thesis at TU Darmstadt

If you are planning to write a Bachelor or a Master thesis at TU Darmstadt, you have to find a supervising professor at TU beforehand. For information please have a look at our website of the departments at TU Darmstadt and contact the prospective professor. As soon as you have found a supervisor at TU Darmstadt, please inform us at communicating us the name and email address of her/him. This document (opens in new tab) has to be signed by your prospective supervisor. The completed form can also be submitted as soon as you are in Darmstadt. Your supervisor can exempt you from any language requirements.

In the Department for Architecture, it is not possible for international exchange students to write a Bachelor or Master thesis there.

Important Information: A Bachelor or Master Thesis is only supervised at TU Darmstadt. The final grading takes place at the home university.