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Studying at TU Darmstadt

Welcome to Technical University of Darmstadt!

You are enrolled at one of our partner universities and would like to spend one or two semesters abroad as an exchange or double degree student? At TU Darmstadt, one of the most renowned technical universities in Germany, you have come to the right place!

Information on the study programme during the winter semester 2021/22

During the coming winter semester the whole study programme of TU Darmstadt will be offered virtually. All Incomings will have the opportunity to participate online in the winter semester study programme of TU Darmstadt.

More information here (opens in new tab).

Organisation and planning

Information on the virtual study programme

Because of the development of COVID-19 in Germany, we regret to inform you that TU Darmstadt will only offer a virtual study programme for summer semester 2021. We will inform all our incoming students directly and send them the letter of admission for the virtual study programme.

Virtual study programme

All courses will be offered online using digital teaching formats. The summer semester will start on April 12, 2021 and will end on July 12, 2021. TU Darmstadt is working on making distance-learning exams possible. However, for those exams without a virtual solution we ask for the support of our partner universities to enable proctoring the exams at their institution. Exams take place from July until the end of September 2021.

As an alternative, we will offer our incoming students to postpone the onsite exchange to winter semester 2021/22. Should they wish to change their study period at TU Darmstadt to the coming winter semester 2021/22, and not take part in the virtual study programme in the summer semester 2021, their home universities should inform us until February 15 2021 under:

  • Europe incl. Russia, Turkey (Tanja Torres):
  • Overseas (Christian Tischer):

TU Darmstadt is closely monitoring the impact of the Corona-Virus outbreak around the world and in Germany. We are taking all possible steps to prevent further spread among students, staff & faculty. Their health, well-being and safety are and will always be TU Darmstadt’s top priority.

For more details, please check the TU Darmstadt homepage for up-to-date information for students, employees and staff: TU in corona times.

Our academic year is divided into the winter semester (WiSe), starting October 1, and the summer semester (SoSe), starting April 1. Study visits are based on these periods and usually last one or two semesters.


An overview of all courses can be found in the Course Catalogue of our Campus Management System TUCaN. Most courses are offered annually, so you can use the previous semester's course catalogue to plan future semesters. You can generally choose lectures, seminars, tutorials and excursions as courses. For assistance and further information, please contact your respective international officer. If you come to TU Darmstadt as part of the Erasmus+ programme, you also have the opportunity to write a BA/MA thesis (opens in new tab). More information

The 13 departments of TU Darmstadt cover engineering, natural sciences as well as humanities and social sciences overview

In addition to the departments, 5 fields of study have been created for interdisciplinary research and teaching:

Computational Engineering

Energy Science and Engineering

Information Systems Engineering



Please check here for the department’s website for incoming exchange students:

Department of Law and Economics

Department of History and Social Sciences

Department of Human Sciences

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Department of Biology

Department of Materials Sciences

Earth Sciences

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department of Architecture

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Department of Computer Science

Courses in English

You can complete an exchange programme at TU Darmstadt even without extensive knowledge of German. Many courses are taught entirely in English. An overview of the courses offered in English can be found in the course catalogue and the Campus Management System TUCaN, under English Courses.

German course

If you would like to improve your German language skills during your stay, you can take courses at the Language Resource Centre. Please note the separate procedure for the allocation of places.

In order to study at TU Darmstadt as part of an exchange programme, you must be enrolled at one of our partner universities.

The possibility of organising a stay without a cooperation agreement, i.e. as a freemover, is limited. To do this, please contact Ilkay Göktay-Islam at international admissions (see contact button above), stating your name, your university of origin and the planned period of your stay. Alternatively, you are welcome to find out more about completing a degree course at TU Darmstadt.

Language requirements
  • In the Erasmus+ programme:
    If you want to take part in courses in German:
    You require proof of German language proficiency of at least A2 level (CEFR), written in German or English. We strongly recommend that you consolidate your German language skills before your stay in Darmstadt. Almost all exams at TU Darmstadt are in German and there is no guarantee that you can take them in English.

    If you take part in courses in English:
    If you cannot prove that you have at least A2-level German language proficiency, you can only take part in English-language courses. You require proof of English language proficiency of at least B2 level (CEFR), written in German or English.

    In both cases we offer many opportunities to improve your German according to your level. Inform yourself about the Language Resource Center and the free intensive language classes before the start of the courses. This allows you to optimally prepare yourself for your everyday university life in Germany.
  • For students from non-European partner universities:
    For exchange students from Asia, North and South America and Oceania there are no minimum requirements for German language skills.

    Please note, however, that most of our courses are held in German. We therefore strongly recommend that you consolidate your German language skills before your stay in Darmstadt. Many exams at the TU Darmstadt are also in German and if you have knowledge of German, it makes daily life in Germany much easier.

    Inform yourself about the Language Resource Centre and the free intensive language classes before the start of the courses. Students with a good knowledge of German are also cordially invited to these classes.

    If you plan to take courses in English only, please provide evidence that you have at least B2 level English language proficiency.
ECTS credits (Erasmus+ students)

TU Darmstadt uses the “European Credit Transfer System” (ECTS):

  • An ECTS credit point (CP) requires 25-30 hours of work.
  • 60 CP result in one academic year,
  • 30 CP per semester.
  • Students also receive ECTS credit points for internships and the preparation of their final dissertation.

Further information can be found in the ECTS Guidelines.

Transcript of Records

As proof and recognition at your home university, you will receive a Transcript of Records (ToR) of all your academic achievements after completing your exchange. The contact point is the Office for Student Affairs or your department’s international officer.

Visit the Office for Student Affairs of your department in good time before your departure to clarify the receipt of your Transcript of Records:

  • if all your grades are already registered in TUCaN (Campus Management System of TU Darmstadt), you can pick up your ToR after consultation with the Office for Student Affairs
  • if your grades are not known until after your departure from Darmstadt, please clarify with your Office for Student Affairs to which home address the ToR should be sent after completion.

Applications are submitted in two stages. Please first apply to your home university for an exchange placement at TU Darmstadt:

1. Application for the exchange programme at the home university, selection of TU Darmstadt as destination.

2. Nomination for the exchange placement by the home university

3. Application to TU Darmstadt

Create an account in our online application system and complete the online application. Upload the following documents to complete your application in the application system (Please note that a single upload document should not be larger than 4 MB):

  • Copy of passport / identity card (as .pdf file)
  • Passport photo
  • Proof of your language proficiency: Please refer to the “Language Requirements” section to find out which proof you need.
  • Transcript of Records: List of all your university grades so far
  • Learning Agreement/Study Plan: This is the overview of all courses you want to take at TU Darmstadt. If you have any questions about your planned courses at TU Darmstadt, please contact the coordinators or Erasmus representatives at your home university as well as the coordinators of your department at TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab). Please complete the Learning Agreement/Study Plan typed (not handwritten) in German or English, stating all the courses you wish to attend. Signatures will only be provided by TU Darmstadt AFTER your admission, not during the application period! The templates of the document can be found in the download section, but you can also use the templates of your home university.
    For ERAMUS students only: As soon as you received your letter of admission please send your learning agreement via email to your departmental coordinator (opens in new tab) from TU Darmstadt. Once you are in Darmstadt there is still the possibility to modify your learning agreement.
    If you come to TU Darmstadt for a research stay or participate in a short-term programme (IREP, AESG, INSPIRED…), please upload a letter of motivation.
  • If you already have a degree (Bachelor/Master): Scan of the certificate as .pdf file

We also require proof of your nomination by your home university:

  • Erasmus students: Complete the Confirmation of Application (opens in new tab) and have it signed, stamped and sent to us via e-mail () by the International Office of your home university.
  • Exchange students from non-European countries: We require an e-mail from the International Office of your home university for an informal confirmation of your nomination.

Please note: Only complete applications with all the above documents will be considered.

  • April 30th for the coming winter semester
  • November 30th for the coming summer semester

TheDepartmental Coordinators provide support in all academic questions concerning your study program at TU Darmstadt. They are the right people to contact regarding the Learning Agreement (LA), the course selection at TU Darmstadt, the Transcript of Records (ToR), etc. You can find your contact person in list of the Departmental Coordinators (opens in new tab).

We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding entry, visa, accommodation, etc. Further information can be found on our pages on the organisation of your stay.