Accommodation in Darmstadt for Exchange Students

We support exchange students at TU Darmstadt in finding an adequate accommodation.

Accommodation is always an important topic for our exchange students and due to the critical housing situation in Darmstadt it can be challenging finding a suitable accommodation. Here you can find some useful information about finding accommodation in and around the Darmstadt region.

Darmstadt is located in the Rhein-Main Metropolitan area. About 5.5 million people live, work and study in the Rhein-Main Area. Therefore, the housing situation in Darmstadt is relatively scarce. The search for an adequate accommodation can require a lot of time and effort. It is important to note that TU Darmstadt does not own it's own student dormitories rather we work in cooperation with many other student accommodation facilities in the area. For these reasons, our main goal is to assist exchange students in finding adequate housing for the start of their exchange semester in Darmstadt. We also aim to help and advise international exchange students in furthering their search for housing outside of our offers.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to TU Darmstadt!

Your ESHA-Team

ESHA (Exchange Student Housing Assistance) is a service facility at TU Darmstadt that offers a broad variety of services to exchange students in finding adequate accommodation in and around Darmstadt. We work in cooperation with quite a few well-known (public as well as private) student dormitory providers, such as: Studierendenwerk, HEAG Wohnbau GmbH, Uninest, and more.

Our services include the distribution of an “Accommodation Guide”, with links to private and public student dormitories, hotels and youth hostels.

Furthermore we provide a “Housing Guide”, with tips on how to search for accommodations in Darmstadt. We also offer guidance on how to find an accommodation via the private housing market and in examining the rental contracts. We are more than happy to help assist you with any questions you may have related to housing or the housing market situation in and around Darmstadt.

• Get to know more about the housing situation and housing market in Darmstadt and the surrounding areas

• Start to find your accommodation as early as possible

• Register for a room via our registration portal.

Note: Often accommodation is rented by a circle of friends and acquaintances or fellow students. Thus it can make sense to accept the higher costs of living for a short time in a boarding house or a short-term accommodation in order to find proper accommodation in Darmstadt.

Once you receive your admission letter from the office of International Relations and Mobility, you will receive a registration code (Housing Code). You will need this code in order to submit your form.

Once the form is completed you will receive an automatic confirmation that the form was sent to our database. Once the data is processed we will contact you with more information.

Important: This registration does not guarantee a placement.

  • Downloads – Currently being updated
    • Housing Guide

More Information

Please note: We only offer mixed-gender shared-flats. It is important to note that in Germany there is no separation between genders in shared-apartments. For example, we cannot offer only-women shared-flats.

TU Darmstadt does not own nor operate its own student dormitories.

Our services are only limited to exchange students:

  • Who are formally accepted through the Exchange Programmes at TU Darmstadt to study or participate in a research program for one or two semesters (or possibly a shorter period of time)

The cost of housing depends on the type of apartment:

A shared-flat in a student residence can cost approx. 380-450€ per month, depending on the room and location.

A private flat or a private studio-apartment will cost on average 550€ or more per month.

In private apartments

  • The rent in Germany is usually indicated as rent not including water, electricity, gas (heating) and garbage collection costs. These costs can average to about an extra 100-150€ per month. Everyone living in Germany also has to cover their own radio and TVcosts, even if they do not use these facilities. Please see TV License Fee for more information.

In dormitories (outside the university campus)

  • Rentals in student dormitories are usually flat-rate rents. Depending on the type of accommodation, however, there may be additional costs for electricity (approx. 25-75€ per month). There are also costs for the radio and TV contribution (approx. 20€ per month). Please see above for more information.

International exchange students who arrive in Darmstadt earlier than planned can stay in a hotel or youth hostel until their scheduled move-in date.

Please see above, “Download and Links” for our Accommodation Guide.

International exchange students who arrive in Darmstadt and do not yet have fixed accommodation can stay in a hotel or youth hostel. There are many possibilities like, immobilienscout and other student accommodations where you can register yourself.

Please see above, “Download and Links” for our Accommodation Guide.