TU services

TU Darmstadt offers researchers and students a number of central services. Some important services are:

University Computer Centre (HRZ)

The University Computer Center offers central IT services for research, teaching and studying. It is the central contact for students and staff at TU Darmstadt in terms of questions and problems regarding the services offered by the University Computer Centre, such as TU-ID, Athena Card, E-Mail, WLAN, Printing, PC-Pools.

University and State Library Darmstadt (ULB)

A valid library card (ULB card) or Athena card is required to borrow books and access the services of the University and State Library.

Ingenium – Young Researchers at TU Darmstadt

Ingenium is the TU Darmstadt umbrella organisation for promoting early career researchers (doctoral degree candidates and postdoctoral scientists). It offers a comprehensive range of training courses for both academic and non-academic career pathways alongside a career counselling service.

Language Resource Centre (SPZ)

The Language Resource Center offers both German and other foreign language courses for TU Darmstadt employees and students.

Family Service

TU Darmstadt Family service supports both employees and students with matters such as child care, care of other family members, and financial support for students and doctoral candidates with children.

Gender Equality Officer

The TU Darmstadt Gender Equality Office promotes gender equality at TU Darmstadt. There is specific information on their offers for female doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers .

Representation for the Severely Disabled (currently only in German)

TU Darmstadt offers designated support and advice for people with severe disabilities.

University Sports Centre (USZ) (currently only in German)

The University Sports Centre offers students and employees of TU Darmstadt a range of sporting activities. Many of these offers are free or are provided at subsidized costs. It is also possible to apply for a guest card to use the services if you are neither student nor employee at TU Darmstadt.


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