Your Stay

The dedicated International Student Services (ISS) Team ensures seamless preparations before your arrival, guides your initial steps in Darmstadt, and offers continuous assistance throughout your time in Germany.

Perfectly organised with our checklists

In order to support you in organising your stay, we have provided you with various checklists.

These checklists will help answer the most important questions that may arise before, during and shortly before the end of your stay at TU Darmstadt.

Accompanying Service

You don't know how to get from the airport to Darmstadt? You have an appointment at the Foreigners Office or at a bank and need support? Contact TUtor International.

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If you have questions about living in Darmstadt and how you can find accommodation here, you can find information about it via the following links.

Accommodation for Exchange Students

Accommodation for international degree-seeking students

“How high are the living costs in Darmstadt?”, “Am I allowed to work in Germany?”, “How do I finance my studies?”

If you are interested in these questions, you will find information and answers on the following pages.

Costs and Budget

Jobs / Part time work

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Here you can find answers to your most important questions regarding health insurance.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance for International Students

Here you can find answers to your most important questions regarding bank account.

Bank account

Bank & blocked account

After your arrival some important steps are necessary with the German authorities. Here you can find answers to your most important questions regarding registration with the authorities and residence permit.

Visa & Entry Regulations

Residence permit

Registering with the authorities

If you have any questions regarding your starting time here in Darmstadt, the following pages contain a lot of information to help you answer these questions.

How to Get to Darmstadt

TUtor International's Accompanying Service

AStA Semester ticket

Public transport in Hessen

TU ID and Athena Card

Language courses

TU services

Mobile communications

Shops and services